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Is It finally Spring 2013? Here’s Racquel!

Is It finally Spring 2013? Here’s Racquel!

   It is officially Spring but in Utah the weather is unpredictable. As I write this blog on May 1, 2013 we are barely in the 50s and have a frost warning since the night-time temperatures will dip to the 30s meaning any spring plants could freeze. Some northern Utah cities further north of Ogden such as Smithfield had snow this morning! It was cold enough in Ogden to snow but it didn’t snow. For the past few weeks we have actually had weather that you would expect in January. In late March I was able to schedule a session with a new model named Racquel. I’m glad to have met her for a session since she has some very nice feet, Unlike my session with Mischa in my last entry this time the place we had our session (the same place) didn’t have a bunch of snow nor was there ice on the lake! So no concerns about frostbite or having to tread through a foot of snow between shoots! It’s amazing how so many women have beautiful feet. I’ve even met women who think they have ugly-looking feet but was surprised to see they have beautiful feet. Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes and so do beautiful feet! A lot of women don’t realize how sexy their feet look. Some see their feet as ugly and the only purpose of their feet is to keep their shoes from falling off. Every woman is unique and so are her feet. It would be such a boring world if every woman looked the same or had the exact same feet. Some have tiny feet, some have long toes, some have high arches, and some women have giant feet such as tall women. Racquel has average size feet and quite a taste in footwear. From the snakeskin sandals to the glittery shoes every shoe she wears looks great! She looks even better without shoes! Of course to men without a foot fetish they wouldn’t understand nor would a lot of women who don’t undertand the whole foot fetish thing that some men have. I’m surprised how many times I’ve had women tell me that they have ugly feet but I disagree with them. Racquel isn’t one of these women who are self-conscious of her feet and as you can see her feet are sexy!

   Racquel has some modeling experience including being a foot model. She has a great taste in the types of shoes she wears as I already mentioned. She also has great looking soles to go along with her nicely pedicured toenails and tan skin. I was able to capture the beauty of her feet in this set and thankfully the weather wasn’t cold and it clear and sunny. It’s hard to believe in less than two weeks the foot of snow had melted since I last held a session at this park! I’m also surprised how beautiful Racquel’s feet look! Like I’ve said, I’m always surprised at how many women have beautiful feet and Racquel is no exception! I really liked her soles and her nicely pedicured toenails. As I’ve always said I often run out of ideas for poses during sessions. Racquel was able to think up of poses that showcase her beautiful feet! It’s always a pleasure to take photos of women’s feet and I thank Racquel for allowing me to hold a session with her. She truly has beautiful feet!

   The reason there is a big delay since my last entry on St. Patrick’s Day is because there has been some uncertainty. My employer has decided to cut costs by forcing us to take unpaid days off. I really don’t make money from photo sales so I’ve been is a situation where I’ve had to watch my spending. This is mostly a hobby and even though I am not ashamed with having an interest in female feet it is something I keep secret from my family since it would be embarrassing for me if my family found out. For this reason when people ask to exchange addresses it is difficult for me to do this since I’m trying to remain anonymous. I do have sets available for some of the models but not for all of the models on this site since some have requested that I only share photos on my blog but no other photos. Other women have allowed me to take photos for my personal use and don’t want any photos shared with anyone else. I respect the privacy of the women who pose for me or allow me to pamper their feet. I’m trying to figure out a way to continue to offer models money for posing for me in order to make my little hobby self-supporting and continue to offer a glimpse of the beautiful women and their feet on this blog. One thing I have thought about is offering women a foot massage or having their feet pampered by me. I would hang out at a public area (such as a mall or areas where women are more likely to have tired and achy feet in need of a massage) and offer to massage, paint toenails, etc for free and accept tips. I’m unsure if I will need any licensing to do this and don’t want to make women feel they are obligated to give me a tip since I realize not all women can afford to give me a tip and would still appreciate a foot massage or having their feet pampered. If anyone has ideas please let me know since I want to continue this hobby and not have to rely so much on my employer. I enjoy taking photos and pampering women’s feet and consider it priceless to be able to see so many women and pamper their feet or take photos. If any women out there have “foot parties” (not the type guys with foot fetishes attend) where they have people paint toenails and massage feet I would be happy to attend this party and give out foot massages, pamper feet, and paint toenails. I can also meet you somewhere for a private session. I have a few more modeling shoots to publish on this blog so there will still be new additions and during these additions I can probably do some limited shoots!

   I have a set of 130 photos of Racquel from this session including all her wearing the sandals seen on this site, flip-flops, red pumps, brown pumps, and of course barefoot photos. If you are interested in buying this set please contact me
for more information.

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