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Winter greetings with Ella!

Winter greetings with Ella!

   Winter has finally arrived in Utah and currently we have warmer than usual temperatures but earlier this year had frigid temperatures! I’m sure most women have put away their sandals for the season even the women who try to wear sandals year round. We’ve had some unseasonably warm temperatures which extended the sandal season for many die hard woman who wish they could wear sandals year round like warmer climates such as San Diego or Las Angeles. On Christmas we officially had our first major snow storm where more than an inch or two fell in the valleys. It is officially the end of summer or what I like to call sandal season here in Utah. The only time you will see women barefoot or wearing sandals is indoors. Utah women have put away the summer footwear for boots and other footwear that keeps them warm for the winter and provides traction for the ice and snow. Of course us Utah guys with a foot fetish in Utah wished sandal season lasted year round but we have to realize that women cannot wear sandals in the winter and we wouldn’t want women to suffer from frostbite in order to show off their beautiful feet. During the winter we long for once again when Sandal Season returns. The mountains have a nice blanket of snow but since it has been warmer than normal a lot of the snow is melting. We are getting unusual rain in the valleys since we are having unseasonable warm temperatures. On some days it has reached the 50s and if it weren’t for the chilly winds, women could wear sandals.

   I had planned to release this blog entry just before Christmas thinking what better way to celebrate Christmas and the official start of winter 2014 than to include Ella? Time has gone by so fast and it is hard to believe that we first met in December of 2012! Ella is a great model and I’m glad I have met her. She has a lot of experience in the foot fetish world as well as being a foot model. When I go to Salt Lake City in December, it isn’t for the Christmas lights on Temple Square. It is to see Ella! Sure I visit Temple Square to see their Christmas lights on occasions but nothing beats the chance to see Ella. If I wanted to see lights I can always visit Ogden’s traditional Christmas Village that even my relatives from Salt Lake City have wanted to visit. One of my relatives told me that the last time she visited Ogden’s Christmas Village was over 40 years ago when she was 8 years old! If you find yourself in the Ogden area during the Christmas season I would recommend that you visit Ogden’s Christmas Village. In addition you may want to visit Roy City (Sorry I don’t have a link to Roy’s decorations) who has over 1 million lights in their display and Willard Bay. I’m sure that every city along the Wasatch front and throughout Utah has their own decorations. I’m interested in Southern Utah or what is often called “Utah’s Dixie” since unlike Northern Utah, cities like Saint George is warmer and even have a year round sandal season. Years ago I went to San Francisco during the Christmas and New Years celebrations and enjoyed the warmer weather. I even saw women wearing sandals and flip flops! It may be cold in San Francisco to locals but not as cold as Northern Utah even though San Francisco is as far north as Ogden and Salt Lake City. With the nearby snow capped mountains, it would still be too cold to wear sandals in northern Utah since the air is chilly from the surrounding mountains.

   I told Ella to bring some nail polish that would be a festive Christmas color. She had her nails painted silver and I added some gold polish with glitter that really brought out the festive look in her feet. She also brought a pair of fishnet and nylons. She also suggest I go to the City Creek Mall and buy a "bath bomb" from Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. The bath bomb worked great as we placed it in the tub and a whole rainbow of colors was created from the soap. It makes a great foot soak! The silver nail polish was already a great holiday color but adding the glitter and gold overcoat made her toenails look even more festive for the Christmas and Winter season. Of course I intended to have this blog published before Christmas but my pre and post Christmas has been quite busy for me with holiday shopping and other Christmas related activities. I decided to include a few more photos than I normally do since there were so many great poses and we had our first session this month 2 years ago. It’s always great to have a session with Ella and this session was no exception. The Bath Bomb was a great idea and after the foot soak I applied some soul scrub powder that I also brought at Lushes to scrub her soles. Of course I also applied the glitter and gold overcoat. I took photos of her feet before the overcoat and after. With the gold sparkles, her toenails looked more festive than Christmas lights. I brought along some candy canes but couldn’t think of anything else with a Christmas theme. She also brought some fishnets and nylons that made for a great session making it hard to pick between all the pictures what would be included in this blog. Don’t get me wrong. I have met some great women this year who I’ve done sessions with. A lot of them are non-photo sessions or sessions where they allowed me to take photos for personal use and not share with anyone else.

   Time goes by fast when you are having fun and it’s hard to believe it’s been two years! Of course at one of the hotels we meet for sessions I am recognized by the staff when I visit. For example I ate at their on site restaurant and the waiter mentioned he recognized me but can’t think of where. Shortly after he asked me if I’ve stayed at this hotel before and mentioned that this must be where he recognized me. The last time I went to this restaurant was ironically the first time I rented a room at this hotel for a session with Ella. I hope the staff at this hotel and other hotels don’t suspect that there is illegal activity since I’m sure some staff have noticed a woman coming to my hotel room and leaving an hour or two later. Sometimes people can get suspicious such as the one summer day that me and Ella had a session and were taking photos at the Gallivan Center Plaza and a security guard kept walking over to us. After a session in Ogden city this past summer, I had a police officer following me who immediately made a U-Turn as soon as I drove past the city limits. I don’t know how a law enforcement officer would respond if I told him/her that was just giving some woman a foot rub.

   Of course finding women who will let me pamper their feet has been a little harder in 2014. Women find it a little strange that I would want to take photos of their feet or give then a foot rub. I can understand a lot of women since they may feel apprehensive about their feet but some have questioned why I would be interested in their feet. In a way I think I would be more successful asking for models who are willing to model nude or wearing a bikini even though this is showing a lot more skin than their feet. I’ve had some women ask me to give them back rubs or massage areas such as their legs and I enjoy massaging other areas too but focus on feet. It’s hard to explain to someone why I like rubbing womens feet and know that a lot of women find it creepy that someone would find their feet attractive. Of course I do like what everyday guys like to see in a woman but I also like a womans feet. A nude woman or woman wearing a bikini attracts my attention just like it would every other guy who is into women but a barefoot woman or a woman wearing sexy sandals also attracts my attention. Wouldn’t it be just as creepy to attracted to legs? An overwhelming majority of guys who are into women love legs and would love to rub a womans legs. Of course if someone offered to shave their legs they may be feel uncomfortable like women who find me offering to paint their toenails or softening the soles of their feet. A lot of women initially think it is great that someone is offering to pamper or massage their feet since they are the most neglected part of their body. After all they handle their body and ache if you work in a job where you are constantly on your feet. This is especially true since women wear footwear that isn’t comfortable to look stylish. Some have been interested because they cannot get their boyfriend or husband to give them a foot rub or wished their husband or boyfriend would pay attention to their feet and pamper their feet. It’s more relaxing having someone else paint your toenails since you don’t have to bend over to paint them and can comfortably lay down. I’ve had a lot of women tell me that I am about the only person who can pamper their feet. They have told me that they never go to a salon because the nail technician or person scrubbing their soles keeps tickling their feet but they feel relaxed and nearly fall asleep as I am painted their toenails, massaged, or pampered their feet. I really appreciate these compliments and love to hear women tell me that they felt relaxed since I want their experience to be a great experience for them as much as it is for me.

   I want to thank Ella for allowing me to have another session with her and for allowing me to share photos of her feet on this blog. I also appreciate Ella for her willingness to do sessions with me for 2 years. Ella has some great feet and is great to do sessions with. I also want to thank all the women who have allowed me to do sessions with them in 2014 as well as any women I’ve met in the past. I appreciate all the women I do sessions with and have some who do not wish to allow photos to be taken or have photos shared. It’s always a pleasure to meet women and pamper their feet! If you are a woman who is interested in modeling, a foot massage, or having your feet pampered please email me and I would be happy to talk to you and arrange a session with you and you are under no obligation to have photos taken and if you allow me to take photos, I won’t share any photos without your permission. If you want the photos kept private, they will be kept private. I also respect your privacy when it comes to holding sessions and will keep details of our session confidential unless you would like me to share these details. Hopefully Sandal Season 2014 was great for all the foot fetish fans out there and any women reading this blog. It may be winter but Spring is just around the corner! Sandal Season 2015 will be here soon!

Bonus pictures of Ella

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End of Summer (Sandal season) 2014. Meet new model Kara!

End of Summer (Sandal season) 2014. Meet new model Kara!

   This past two weeks we had our first freeze here in Utah and we had our first snow in the valleys this past week. Ironically weeks before women were wearing their sandals enjoying the last days of summer like weather. Of course I’m a little behind on publishing pictures and still have photos from women who held sessions with me during the summer months when sandal season was in full bloom. Of course I don’t have as many models as I have in the past. In the past I have had many rejections and a good supply of women who would love to model their feet for me. Some were very interested only to decide later that they would rather not model their feet. But some women remained interested and were willing to model their feet and let me take photos and publish them here. I would say most women are very self conscious of their feet and don’t think a guy would find their feet attractive. You don’t need to have supermodel looking feet in order to model for me and when publishing photos on my blog I try to capture the girl next door look. Women’s feet come in all shapes and sizes just like beautiful women come in different shapes and sizes. Some women get professional pedicures while others paint their own toenails or don’t wear nail polish at all. Women also aren’t obligated to have photos taken or published on my blog and I have pampered the feet of women who would rather not have their feet published on this blog. Then of course there are the rejections which in most cases are women who are self-conscious of their feet or feel freaked out that a guy would like a woman’s feet. I thank the women who have allowed me to pamper their feet this year as well as the women who have let me pamper their feet in the past and wish there were more women who aren’t freaked out about having a guy who is into feet give them a foot rub or all out pamper their feet.

   Meet my first new model of the year Kara! On the day of our session when I checked into a local hotel the weather was nice and I overheard the person at the check in booth tell another customer about their pond in the back. I checked out this pond which also had a waterfall stocked with plenty of aquarium fish. It would have been a great place to do this session. It would also be a great place for private outdoor photos since it is the property of the hotel so only hotel guests hang around the pond. It was too deep to wade in and signs specifically state that they don’t want anyone wading in the pond. I doubt you would want to dip you feet into the water since it was a little cloudy and you might get a fish nibbling on your toe. It would provide a great back drop for photos though. Unfortunately when Kara arrived for our session a couple hours later dark clouds rolled in and we had a big rain storm. Even though it might be an interesting shoot in the rain, I decided to hold the session indoors where it is nice and dry plus there were a lot of lightning strikes and it’s never a good idea to be on flat ground such as a body of water during a lightning storm.

   Kara was good at striking up conversations and seemed to love having her feet pampered. She is also ticklish as I quickly found out. Of course I’ve had a lot of experience with all kinds of feet including ticklish feet so I was able to still massage her feet without tickling her. A lot of women have told me that I am about the only person who can massage their feet without tickling them and they often avoid getting pedicures or foot rubs because they are ticklish and it seems that everyone who handles their feet ends up tickling their feet despite their best efforts to avoid tickling their feet. I occasionally tickled her feet for fun but didn’t want to torture her during our session since I wanted this to be a fun session for her just as much as it was for me and I definitely wanted to do more sessions with Kara in the future. Her feet have the “girl next door” look of the beautiful women’s feet you will find next door. She paints her own toenails since it is hard for her to get a pedicure with her ticklish feet. Her soles were a little rough which was fine and I enjoyed using foot scrub to soften her soles. She also has a scar on her left ankle from surgery. Her feet don’t get attention very often and I loved the idea I was giving her feet the attention that all women’s feet should receive. Her feet were already beautiful and I helped make them look even better than they already were and I’m sure she appreciated the attention given to her feet. I ended the session with an application of foot lotion to give her feet a final treat before she ventured out into the rain. I told her about some of the women I have pampered their feet having the lotion on their feet giving them problems walking in sandals or high heels. When I walked her to the door after our session she was starting to slip around in her shoes. If only I can find a way to prevent the slipping from the lotion. Even blotting the foot dry will not completely remove the lotion. About the only thing I can think of is putting on socks after a session but during what I like to call sandal season why would a woman want to wear socks? I’ll have to invent something since the lotion step is an important step and the lotion helps soften the feet long after our session.

   It is the end of summer 2014 or what I like to refer to as Sandal Season 2014. This season has been an unusual one with some women not returning for sessions from last year, some moving away, and as previously mentioned a higher rejection rate than last year. It also has been a controversial season as I had one person who turned out to be a guy ask for a session and when I found out he wasn’t a woman he accused me of being a bigot towards homosexuals and questioned why I would be attracted to a woman’s feet and not a man’s feet when in his opinion there is no difference. I told him that I have a preference for women’s feet and won’t do a session with him and he of course posted comments on this blog after finding out I had a blog through a Google search. Speaking of blog comments, I just recently had a woman post comments saying I need to seek professional help for having a foot fetish. I thank all the people who posted on here defending me from these comments. I’ve found a few women to do sessions with this season but had quite a bit of rejection. Some women would respond saying that it was too good to be true to be receiving a foot massage but after figuring out I had a foot fetish, they decided that in their opinion I was a creep and they will not do a session with me but would have been glad to do one if I didn’t have a foot fetish. I’m not sure if I fully understand why they would be creeped out unless they think I will try something or my foot message is a code word for more than having feet pampered when I emphasize in my ad that no sexual activity will take place and this is only an ad for feet. Some were turned off by the idea that the session will take place in a hotel room or a public park. For safety reasons I don’t offer sessions from my house. I also live with a relative and am trying to hide this fetish from my family. Another concern is if I offer sessions from my home to total strangers that I may end up meeting a stalker and this stalker would know where I live. I’ve thought of renting some kind of studio where I can do these sessions but would probably need some way to make income to support the rent payments for this studio as well as upkeep. If I’m renting a studio and encounter a stalker I could easily move locations in the event things got dangerous. A lot of renters also have surveillance and security that I can alert and even restrict access. If any readers have ideas on a studio option I would like to hear any recommendations you may have. I would just have to find a way to explain buying a studio to my family coming up with a legitimate reason that hides the true use of this studio.

   I’ve also had a lot of women from throughout Utah contact me including a woman close to the Utah-Idaho border. I travel to SLC quite often to meet women and am familiar with Salt Lake City. I would love to visit women statewide but a 120 mile round trip is quite a trip. Of course I don’t drive to unfamiliar areas especially in the winter months and have offered to visit this women (including a friend of hers who is interested) the next time I head her way but by spring or summer she may no longer be interest. Of course she lives close to Bear Lake so we could meet during the summer months at Bear Lake. Even though it is the end of Sandal Season (or summer) I still do sessions with women. It’s just more difficult since I rely more on hotel rooms and I’m sure a lot of women stop getting pedicures during the off-season since there really isn’t a reason to get a pedicure when you won’t be wearing sandals.

   A lot of women ask me what I will do to their feet or ask me if I would be interested in their feet since they feel they have ugly feet or their feet aren’t model quality feet. It is up to you what I do to your feet. I don’t want to do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable. I’d be more than happy to give you a simple foot rub and would be happy to do anything else you like having done to your feet such as painting your toenails, applying foot scrub, giving you a warm foot bath and soak, applying foot scrub to smooth your rough soles, applying lotion, or anything else you can think of. You don’t need model quality feet and I’ve met a lot of women who have average looking feet. Others thought they had ugly feet and were surprised that I found them to be beautiful feet. Women who feel self conscious of their feet often feel much better about their feet after having a session with me. Of course a lot of women are scared off because of the foot fetish thing but if you are comfortable with a guy with a foot fetish pampering your feet you will enjoy a session even if it is a simple foot massage. If you are into the foot fetish scene, I also can worship your feet during a session. I hope that women aren’t too concerned about me having a foot fetish since this is actually a good advantage for them and their feet. I’m very professional and will not do anything to your feet that you feel uncomfortable with and many women have felt comfortable letting me pamper their feet. Some had no idea what a foot fetish was or they were apprehensive at first but after a session, enjoyed having me pamper their feet.

   I really want to thank Kara for allowing me to pamper her ticklish feet and hopefully she enjoyed our session as much as I did. If you are a woman who is interested in a session with me please email me. I am willing to hold a session without any photos being taken and want you to feel comfortable having your feet pampered by me. I also respect your right to privacy and will not give any details about a session I have had with you without your permission. I also will not reveal to anyone if you saw me for a session. Any pictures I take of a session will not be published anywhere without your permission. I have many women who I’ve taken photos of but were never featured in my blog or elsewhere since they didn’t want these photos posted on this blog or elsewhere. I also won’t do anything to your feet that you feel uncomfortable with. Also keep in mind that even though it is no longer the summer months or what I like to call “sandal season”, I am willing to pamper feet year round and do sessions year round! I would like to thank all the women who have allowed me to pamper their feet including the women who have allowed me to feature their feet in this blog. I also want to thank the many women who I currently see and the women I’ve met this past summer for allowing me to pamper their feet.

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Forgotten spring footage of Heathers feet.

Forgotten footage of Heather’s spring feet.

   In April I had a session with my first model to appear in this blog Heather and forgot all about this session that I planned to publish an entry in this blog for. This session was done in April and the weather was a little gloomy but beautiful feet such as Heather’s feet always brighten up a gloomy day. It’s been a while since April but if I remember right it wasn’t that warm outside either. I always appreciate the women who dress like summer even when it is cold outside! There are a lot of women who still occasionally wear sandals (without nylons or stockings to keep their feet warm) and I solute these women even though they sometimes risk frostbite to show off their feet! This summer went by fast and soon we will see the end of summer 2014 or what I (and I’m sure other guys with a foot fetish) like to call sandal season 2014. I’ve been busy this past summer with my day job and forgot about these photos. Heather brought a bunch of nice shoes to model in and even wore a toe ring that looked nice. I personally love foot jewelry whether it is an ankle bracelet, toe ring, or barefoot sandals! These photos were taken at the Ogden River Parkway which is a great place to take photos. Since Heather moved to another area I don’t get to see her as often. It’s always great to have a model return for another session anytime but especially when I have had a hard time finding new models. Other models who once appeared here are no longer interested or I haven’t heard anything from them since our last session. It’s great to have yet another session with my first model Heather!

   This summer or “sandal season” wasn’t as hot as last sandal season. The footwear and female feet are as great as ever during this years summer or “sandal season” but I didn’t get as many interested models as I have in the past and a lot of the models I featured in the past are no longer interested in a session as mentioned. It’s always great to see the newest footwear for summer that reveals women’s feet and I’ve never been disappointed! A lot of women don’t think of flip-flops as sexy footwear but I have to say that I love flip-flops just as much as other footwear! Weather-wise this summer wasn’t as hot as last summer. Unlike last summer, Utah has had a lot of rainy weather and cooler temperatures especially in the spring months. We have even had heavy rain in the past couple of months that has caused landslides and currently Interstate 15 to Las Vegas is closed after it became a river just last week. There were some sessions last year where it was so hot that women couldn’t stand barefoot in the sand because the sand was so hot! Some rivers were significantly lower than normal last summer. Things have picked up a little bit recently with some women and even a guy (I’m not interested in guys feet) responding to my ad and a couple of women responding after seeing this blog. Some people don’t understand foot fetishes and think that someone who is attracted to feet likes any feet. All of us have preferences and most of us don’t find all feet regardless of gender to be attractive. Most of us don’t find young girls feet attractive. Like most guys into feet, I prefer women who are 18 or older. These preferences are similar to our sexual preferences. A heterosexual has no interests in a person of the same gender. I’m quite open in my preferences of women’s feet but there are many guys with a foot fetish who have preferences such as high arches, smaller feet, larger feet, long toes, short toes, etc. Some are very particular about nail polish and prefer women with or without nail polish and prefer only a certain color of polish. Others are more interested in the shoes than the feet. Some exclusively love bare feet women or even women with dirty soles. Others prefer clean feet.

   I want to make sure any woman reading this who is considering a session with me knows that they are under no obligation to have photos taken of their feet or have photos of their feet featured in this blog. I enjoy pampering a woman’s feet more than taking photos and I do sessions where either no photos are taken or the woman allows photos to be taken of her feet but not for publication on this blog or elsewhere. I respect the privacy of all the woman I meet for sessions and would be happy to do a session where no photos are taken or any photos taken are private photos for personal use that won’t be published anywhere. I also take actions to make sure that photos do not get released without your permission. Any photos taken for personal use will only be seen by me and no photos will be published on my blog or elsewhere without your permission. I also have a strong commitment to privacy when it comes to sessions I hold with women. Without your permission I will not reveal details of our session or even if we had a session. There are some women who I have done sessions with who have a husband or boyfriend who may not be okay with such a session and without permission I will not divulge if I had a session with you. If you have a boyfriend or husband I personally recommend that you advise him that you are doing this but if you decide to keep this secret I will respect your request for privacy. You may also bring a husband or boyfriend to sessions if this makes you or your husband/boyfriend more comfortable. You also don’t need to have flawless feet and a lot of the women I’ve done sessions with have felt very self-conscious of their feet. Some have never wore sandals in public and feel more comfortable nude with socks to cover their feet than being barefoot. I’ve helped a lot of women who are self-conscious of their feet feel better about their feet.

   Like past sessions Heather had all kinds of shoes to model in. Since it was cool outside and the water was probably freezing I didn’t do any photos of her dipping her feet in the water but the river provided a great backdrop for this session especially when most of my sessions are done in hotel rooms. These sessions provide a lot of great pictures even when the weather isn’t cooperating but you also have onlookers and sometimes even attract the attention of law enforcement who think there is more going on than a foot rub. Of course I’ve had people notice a women come to my hotel room and leave an hour or two later which would appear suspicious and one time even overheard a person talking to a hotel employee about the activities in my room. These sessions aren’t as private as a session in a hotel room so I usually don’t paint toenails or pamper feet. Heather use to live in the area and had a house to host from as you saw in previous photos. I appreciate Heather hosting me at this house for some sessions. It offered the best of both worlds with privacy as well as great outdoor photos. Since I live with a brother and don’t feel comfortable telling my family about my fetish I can’t host sessions from my own house. I also have to be careful who I invite to my house. I’ve thought about renting some kind of studio but such an expense adds up. Heather is a nice model to work with and I enjoy having sessions with her. he has nice feet and makes sure her feet are in great condition for our shoots. She brings a lot of shoes to model in and is also great for just barefoot photos. Her toe ring looks nice and I tried to capture this toe ring as well as Heather’s beautiful feet. She is a great model to work with and I was glad she was willing to have another session with me.

   I’ve had a lot of women tell me that they are surprised that I would find their feet beautiful or were introduced to the world of foot fetishes because a boyfriend or husband told them that he thinks her feet look sexy when they never really thought about feet being something some men may find sexy and figured their feet aren’t that special. They have asked me what makes guys who have a foot fetish find a particular woman’s feet sexy. Some female celebrities have found themselves to be admired by guys with a foot fetish such as Gillian Jacobs from the canceled NBC show Community. She plays the role of Britta Perry a feminist student at Glendale Community College. At the start of one episode she is in bed with co-star Troy Barnes (Donald Glover) when his roommate Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi) returns. She scrambles to leave walking barefoot momentarily as she scrambles to get out of the room and quickly getting dressed. After this episode ran there were interests in photos from this short scene and still shots of Gillian’s feet. She was surprised when someone brought up the popularity of her feet on the Internet in an interview and didn’t know what to think and probably never thought of herself having feet that guys who are into women’s feet would find attractive. After all, one of her co-stars is Allison Brea who plays Annie Edison. She has a lot of guys admiring her beauty including guys who think she has sexy feet. Hopefully Gillian isn’t too creeped out knowing that guys who are into women’s feet find her feet sexy. What is ironic is I believe her character in Community once worked as a foot model but probably for a store, not a foot fetish site. I think it was added as a joke but it is funny that she now has guys who admire her feet. Since she rarely wears sandals or other revealing footwear she is probably shocked that after a scene that was less than a minute exposing her feet has made her feet have popular on the Internet among foot fetish groups. This has sparked my curiosity and I came up with a new feature for my blog where I post discussion topics. I’m curious to find out who guys with foot fetishes think has sexy feet and see if this list mimics who men in general think of as attractive female celebrities.

   I’m still looking at the future of what I plan for my foot fetish blog. When you are hosted you are limited to what you can include on your website such as content that may be in violation of their terms of service even if it isn’t obscene and you are restricted from using all the web technologies out there such as JavaScript. You are also at the mercy of the company and any future company who a acquires them and their terms of your service can change at any time. You also don’t have control of advertisements that appear on your blog that could be annoying pop-ups and other sneaky advertisements that tend to annoy readers. WordPress has been great but there are some sites who host blogs that use all kinds of advertisements and probably end up driving readers away from blogs because of these advertisements. Some sites claim exclusive rights to your content (such as Facebook) and can even publish and distribute your photos without your permission even if you no longer have an account with them. This means a photo you publish on their site is considered their property and can be used for marketing and other purposes. Sites also may restrict what you can do with your site such as forbid you to sell photos directly on a blog hosted by them. If I have my own site, I have the freedom to do more and have control over advertisements. I’m still looking into a possible email publication that would be sent out occasionally that would feature photos of women’s feet and areas where men who are into feet can post advertisements and women who like to have their feet pampered can post ads too. This publication would also include articles on foot fetish topics. I’m unsure how often I would publish this email edition but it would include a free edition and a pay edition that contains more content. Posting an ad would cost a small fee and with it being a publication geared towards foot fetishes it may be more effective to advertise on it than on Craigslist (who is known to “ghost” advertisements). I’ve also looked at hosting some kind of foot party at a venue where men can indulge in their foot fetish with women who love to have their feet pampered can meet in a private and safe environment. It can be tricky in a state like Utah to hold such an event and I have looked into holding it in West Wendover, Nevada or other town that is near the Utah border and within hours of Northern Utah. To do all this I need more women who are interested. For example, for a foot party I would try to create an even male/female ratio so that men have a great selection of interested women and the women are lesser likely to spend their time at the foot party with nobody pampering her feet. I’ve been to foot parties hosted by others where I was the first person to pamper a woman’s feet for a five-hour party that is almost over and I can only imagine how it would feel for her to have spent time getting her feet ready for men to pamper and admire only to have nobody admire her feet. Foot parties are a great way to meet all kinds of women and experience all types of different female feet. When I attend them I try to have sessions with as many of the women as possible hoping no woman leaves without at least one person giving her feet attention. I’m sure a lot of city officials would be concerned that a foot party could be some kind of code name for a lot more than feet. For this reason there would have to be some strict rules to ensure that such a party doesn’t turn out what city officials feared it would become.

   I thank Heather for allowing me to take photos of her feet and share some photos on this blog. I have a set of a few photos from this shoot. If you are interested in buying a set please email me. If you are a woman interested in modeling your feet feel free to contact me. If you want your feet pampered by me also feel free to contact me and please remember that you don’t need perfect feet for modeling or letting me pamper your feet. In addition if you pose for photos you are under no obligation to allow me to publish photos on this blog. I respect your privacy and any photos taken of your feet will not be shared with others or published on this blog without your permission and your are free to have no photos taken of you feet. I will keep details of our session confidential. I do ask that you be 18 or older.

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Summer or Sandal Season 2014 here we come!


Summer or Sandal Season 2014 here we come!

   It is officially summer or what guys who are into female feet like to call Sandal season. In states like Utah where we don’t have year round warm weather this is the time of year that we long for. Of course nationwide winter was bitter cold this year. Lakes that normally don’t freeze solid did so this past winter. Of course Utah’s Great Salt Lake doesn’t freeze over due to it’s high salt content. It just looks like it is frozen over even in the summer months due to it’s high salt content. Sure the winter months look beautiful with snow on the mountains and during the fall months leaves turning all kinds of shades of colors but when it comes to seeing beautiful women, you cannot beat the summer months. This is the time of the year that local nail salons will see an increase in business by as much as 300% and most of this is the result of women preparing their feet for sandal weather than can be brutal on their feet. It seems to be an uphill battle as heels crack and exposing your skin to too much sun results in a sunburns. Flip-flops, pointed toes, and high heels also cause a great deal of pain on women’s feet. The newest style seems to be having designs painted on your toenails or multi-colored toenails as seen in my local newspaper in an article about stripes or even designs for pedicures. Speaking of pedicures, Ella chose a shiny midnight blue nail polish for this session that complimented her beautiful feet. This color made Ella’s already beautiful feet stand out even more!

   My trip to Salt Lake City is always filled with anticipation as I know Ella will always look good and have beautiful feet to model. She has a great taste in not only pedicures but the shoes she wears. It’s always a treat to go to Salt Lake and meet Ella for another session. She understands the foot fetish world and is a great model and also pleasant to talk to. I was surprised to see her nail polish that I thought was black at first until I noticed it shimmer in the light. Her pedicurist was right, it does make Ella’s beautiful feet stand out. I tried to capture the contrast in her nail polish where they appear almost black when not exposed to light and a shiny midnight blue when exposed to the slightest amount of light. Ella has some beautiful feet and is a really nice person. She’s also a great model and can come up with poses when I run out of poses. The midnight blue nail polish was a great choice and looked great for Ella’s feet.

   Our session started with me painting a top coat over her toenails to make them shine even more. I also treated her soles to a exfoliating foot scrub and finished by applying lotion to her feet. Of course a session isn’t a session without giving her a foot rub! We often talk about our unusual encounters when meeting others for foot fetish sessions. I often tell her about the strange people I meet for sessions. There’s the prostitute and her friends who have responded to my ads, and of course the woman who responded to my ad and we arranged to meet at a local hotel but an hour before our scheduled session she asked me to pick up her and her male companion. Of course I am trying to avoid these women since the modeling sessions weren’t comfortable for me. This is another reason I love having sessions with Ella. She understands the foot fetish world and also doesn’t try to take advantage of my offer and is sincerely interested. There are a lot of women out there who don’t understand the foot fetish world and are only interested in the money and don’t really enjoy the session. It’s always a pleasure to meet Ella and I hope she enjoys the sessions as much as I do.

   My session with Ella comes at a time when a lot of the women I normally hold foot sessions with are no longer interested or have moved. I haven’t had much success finding other interested women and am realizing that the last few years were very lucky years for me. Of course finding a woman experienced in foot fetishes like Ella is also a very lucky find. I’ve had some strange responses and as previously mentioned some of these responses are from people I won’t be meeting for future sessions. It can be hard meeting a woman and holding sessions with her and suddenly she loses interests. Especially when you have more than one woman lose interest. Some have a new boyfriend or a husband who will not allow them to do sessions while other times I never received a response from them after inquiring about another session and for whatever reason they are no longer interested. Some women may feel obligated to pose for photos or have their photos published on this site when I am more than happy to hold a session where no photos are taken and if photos are taken I respect a woman and her wishes not to have her feet published. For some women, their feet would be easily identifiable such having a unique tattoo on their feet that friends would recognize if they saw photos of their feet. I enjoy giving foot rubs or pampering feet just as much as taking photos. Of course it is already difficult to find women willing to allow me to pamper their feet especially here in Utah. I may have to take more trips to other states and attend foot parties. I have had to cut back on advertising since a lot of the ads get the responses from the people I’m trying to avoid. They often change their name and email address. In one case I responded to an interested woman but soon realized when she gave me her phone number that she was someone I was trying to avoid. I’ve had some responses from female readers on this blog but so far I haven’t had luck. For the women who have contacted me from ads or this blog with sincere interests I appreciate your interests and wish we could have met for a session. If you happen to be a female reader who is sincerely interested feel free to contact me and you are under no obligation to have photos published on this blog or even pose for photos. I’d love to give you a foot rub or pamper your feet.

   The article in the local paper about painting designs on toenails that I mentioned earlier got my attention not only because it involved female feet, but also because I’ve thought of painting designs on toenails. Perhaps this would be a great way to find more interested women if I was great at painting designs on toenails. It may even give me referrals to other women if a woman has her nails painted by me and a friend asks her where she got these designs. Of course I would probably need to get some kind of license. I’ve also looked at a reflexology license but it may be difficult to get women to be interested in going to see me rather than someone else. If you’re a woman reading this, I’d love to practice on your toenails and you’re under no obligation to pose for photos or have photos of your feet published here on this blog. I’m also good at painting and even if it isn’t painting designs on your toenails, I would enjoy just painting your toenails.

   I have been working on a support group of some kind where men who are into feet can meet and women who love foot rubs or having her feet pampered can join us. I have a Google group but really haven’t used it much. My thoughts of a foot fetish party are on hold since I cannot find enough interested women. If I hold a foot fetish party it may be in West Wendover, NV rather than in Utah. For the support group I am thinking of forming, we would meet in various places around Utah such as local clubs. This support group could be helpful in finding both men and women interested in foot fetish parties and we could eventually have some kind of foot fetish event. Either way, it will be a great way for men who have a foot fetish to meet and share experiences and possibly if women join men who love women’s feet can find a Utah woman who loves having her feet pampered or massaged. I’m not sure how I will handle the support group. In my experiences, men with a foot fetish would like some privacy so our group will be low key and not advertise that we are a foot fetish support group. This is also how any foot fetish party would work. I would rent some place and your information will be kept confidential and I will tell people where the venue is once they register. This way nobody knows you are going to a foot fetish party. During the foot fetish party there won’t be any outdoor advertisements and onlookers would have no idea what is going on behind the doors. As far as they know it is an exclusive event and they would have no idea that it is a foot fetish party. For the foot fetish support group I will put up a link on this blog if I decide to form such a group. I’m also looking into a possible newsletter delivered by email that would feature female feet. Of course this is dependent on if I can find interested models. This newsletter will also provide a section where women interested in finding men who are into pampering their feet can post ads and men who are looking for a Utah woman who is interested in having her feet worshiped can post an ad. I’m unsure how often this newsletter will be circulated since it can take time to publish a newsletter and a lot depends on how many interested female models I can find.

   There may be some minor changes to this blog in the near future. I’m planning to use an easy to remember blog address than iloveutahfemalefeet. I’m also looking at buying a domain name and hosting my blog through this domain which will also be much easier to remember. Of course right now I am addressing the shortage in models but I do plan to add a link to the support group I mentioned and newsletter on my blog if I decide to create the support group or newsletter. In the meantime happy Summer (Sandal Season) 2014!

   I want to thank Ella for another great foot session and for allowing me to share photos of her feet. If you are a woman and interested in having your feet pampered or modeling your feet. Feel free to email me. You’re under no obligation to model your feet and if you model your feet you’re under no obligation to allow photos to appear in this blog. I respect your privacy and will not publish any photos in this blog or anywhere else without your permission. I also hold sessions where I don’t take any photos of your feet. I respect your privacy during these sessions and do my best to make sure you feel comfortable during these sessions.

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Unable to find interested women in Utah.

   Unfortunately very few women are interested in letting me take photos of their feet or pamper their feet here in Utah. I was very lucky the past year or two but a lot of these models have lost interests and moved on. I’m now in a position where I am unable to find any more interested women. I was thinking of forming a foot fetish club here in Utah and even hold foot parties but unfortunately there simply is a lack of interest on the part of Utah women. I may post future modelling shoots on here but it has been difficult to find any interested female models. I may even move out of Utah since I am in a position where I have to take frequent vacations to other states in order to indulge in my interests in women’s feet. The past couple of years enough women were interested and I could schedule sessions with them. Unfortunately I am back to where I started a couple of years ago where if I want to enjoy women’s feet I most likely will have to take a trip to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or elsewhere and attend a foot party since few women are interested here in Utah. I thank all the Utah women who responded to my ads and for being willing to share their feet with me. I also want to thank the women who have a continued interest in doing sessions with me and allowing me to pamper or take photos of their feet. It’s really tough having a foot fetish and even tougher in a state where it is frowned upon and it’s nearly impossible to find open minded women who are willing to allow you to give them a foot rub and pamper their feet. If you’re a woman who would be interested I’d love to hear from you.

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Winter is almost over and here’s Heather

Winter is almost over and here’s Heather.

   For the entire United States this winter has been unusual. All of us faced much colder than normal weather especially east of the Mississippi. Some places that rarely get snow received snow. Most of the country had at least a few weeks of bitter cold temperatures. Utah had bitter cold temperatures and weather we normally don’t have such as freezing rain. Because of the Polar Vortex, the East is still bitter cold as I write this blog and Utah is having warmer than normal temperatures that we normally have in the spring. We had a large amount of rainfall in the past week and for the mountains plenty of snow. Utah’s weather can be unexpected and as I’ve said in the past, we can get snow in June. For all of us in the United States, Spring is just around the corner – well hopefully!

   In the winter months I am usually not doing as many modeling shots and this winter is no exception. I sometimes meet models but the past few months I have met some models that were shady. They also insisted that I pick them up and give them a ride to the shoot. One even had a male companion who had an extensive criminal history involving drugs, robberies, and assaults. For obvious reason I didn’t feel comfortable around her or her boyfriend and had to cut off our sessions. I haven’t posted ads on Backpage or other advertising sites since she has often responded with a different email address and name and then would want me to pick her and her boyfriend up for the session. I’m trying to find a way to screen people who respond to avoid people who are a little shady. Her guy friend often will email me talking about other women who I might be interested in doing a session with but I’m not comfortable around him and he often insists that he be there during the session. I think he is basically the one who gets the wages rather than the female models. He isn’t too interested in the session and he made me feel uncomfortable during my session with the one woman who had nice feet but I am won’t publish photos since I would rather stay away from her and her boyfriend. It also irked me that right before the session, she called asking me to pick up both her and her companion when they clearly knew where the session was being held. I make preparations for a session and expect models to have their own method of transportation. I can arrange to meet closer to where they live to make it easier for them to go to a session but it bothers me when someone calls asking for a ride less than an hour before the session.

   I was able to meet Heather (my first model) for a session in December and she offered to host our session at her place. I painted her toenails which I don’t normally do since she usually prefers to have a professional pedicure. She was surprised how well her nails turned out by me. Since it was winter, we decided to also do a few shots in the snow. She also modeled in some shoes and to top off our great session I pampered her feet further by giving her a foot rub, giving her a foot soak, applying foot scrub on the soles of her feet, and finishing the pampering session with an application of lotion. I had a great time pampering Heather’s feet and taking these photos and hopefully she enjoyed it as much as I did. Heather has some beautiful feet and it is always a pleasure when she is willing to let me pamper her feet and take photos. It’s also great that she is willing to allow me to share her beautiful feet on my blog. Unfortunately not all of these photos turned out since my camera’s settings were changed and some photos came out blurry due to a slower shutter speed. I always enjoy doing session with Heather and this session was special since I got to paint her toenails in addition to taking photos of her feet and pampering her feet.

   I’m often been asked by other guys who have viewed this blog how I manage to find women willing to let me pamper their feet as well as allow me to take photos. One guy asked for advice on how to find a girlfriend who would be open to his foot fetish. Unfortunately there isn’t a good answer for this question. A lot of men who have a wife or girlfriend find themselves in a position where their female companion isn’t open to having her feet pampered, worshiped, etc. Some women won’t even let a guy touch her feet because they feel self conscious of their feet even if they feel secure enough to wear sandals and other revealing footwear. A lot of women see a foot fetish as some kind of sexual perversion or simply don’t like the idea of a guy pampering their feet or giving them a foot rub. I’ve mentioned before that a lot of men with a foot fetish don’t feel comfortable sharing their foot fetish with a wife or girlfriend because they may be repulsed by the fact that they find feet sexy and be rejected.

   A lot of men who go to foot parties to indulge in their foot fetish are married or have a girlfriend. Sometimes their wife or girlfriend knows about their foot fetish but are not open to having their own feet pampered so they go to foot fetish parties to indulge in this fetish. Their wife or girlfriend may not know that they are attending foot parties to fulfill these fantasies and may even be shocked if they didn’t know and managed to find out. Some guys have never even told their wife or girlfriend about their foot fetish so not only does their wife or girlfriend have no idea they have a foot fetish, they have no idea they are attending a foot fetish party in order to indulge in their fetish. About the only thing you can do is find some woman who you like and if you are lucky you will find one who is open to your foot fetish. There are women out there such as women who may have been introduced to having their feet pampered or worshiped by an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband. others may be willing to give it a try since they are open minded and are willing to do it because it makes you happy and in a lot of cases they too enjoy having their feet pampered. A few women actually loved having their feet pampered or worshiped their entire life and actually would get pedicures and ask their boyfriend/husband to pamper or worship their feet. Sometimes they are wishing they can find some guy who would give their feet attention because their boyfriend or husband won’t. Most women though are not open to a foot fetish, don’t realize they would enjoy having their feet worshiped or pampered, or enjoy at least some foot fetish activities such as receiving a foot rub. Of course there are women who don’t want a guy anywhere near their feet. A lot of women are more comfortable sharing their private parts with you than their feet!

   Advertising for modeling gigs has allowed me to meet women who are willing to share their feet with me and sometimes even allow me to pamper their feet. There are women out there who love to model shoes and feet for a fee. You just have to be careful about approaching them about giving them a foot rub or pampering their feet since they still could be self conscious and they are more interested in modeling their feet since this is what you advertised. For some women they appreciate someone willing to give them a foot massage after modeling in high heels and other cruel footwear. Sometimes it can be hard since women will suddenly lose interest. Most of the time it is after the first shoot but recently I had a woman who was modeling for nearly a year stop responding. I really hope that I didn’t do anything to upset her or any of the other models who have been willing to share their beautiful feet with me in the past. I recently emailed this woman about holding a possible session and she never responded. For nearly a year she would promptly respond to any requests by me for a session. She never responded and I sent a final email telling her that if she was upset with me for some reason, I am sorry and really enjoyed the sessions we had and if she were still interested to respond. I never received a response. Perhaps for some women they have a new boyfriend or recently got married and they’re unable to have any further sessions with me. I appreciate all the women who have allowed me to pamper and take photos of their feet and for women who no longer respond to me I hope I didn’t do something to upset them or make them uncomfortable and they are free to contact me if they are still interested in a session. For 2013 I was very lucky to meet the many women I met. Other years I rarely had women respond to any of my ads.

   I’ve mentioned in the past about holding a foot fetish party in Utah but there are challenges to this since I not so sure city leaders would be open to such an activity. One option is to hold it in a bordering town such as West Wendover, Nevada. Another option may be to have some kind of club that acts as a support group as well as a place for men who are into feet can talk and this group would also be open to women who appreciate men who give their feet attention. We will meet in various places such as restaurants and the meeting will be low key so that other patrons have no idea that we are meeting to discuss foot fetishes. I have a Google group I set up a while back but haven’t had many people join and this group would be a great way for Utah men who have a foot fetish to meet and possibly women who are open to having their feet pampered will join. I’m unsure how many women read this blog. If you happen to be a woman reading this blog I would love to hear from you about your opinions on men with a foot fetish. Do you find a foot fetish to be a perversion? Are you repulsed by a guy who would find your feet sexy? If you do like having a guy give your feet attention, what specifically do you like having done to your feet? You may leave a message about your opinions or email me. All answers will be kept confidential. For any women who may be reading this blog, if you think you have ugly feet you may be surprised to learn that your feet are probably sexy to guys with a foot fetish. Beautiful feet come in all shapes and sizes and I’ve helped some women realize that their feet aren’t as ugly as they think they are. If you feel self conscious of your feet, I would be willing to take a look and give your feet a makeover.

   Like always I thank Heather for hosting a session and allowing me to pamper her feet and take photos. I hope she enjoyed our session as much as I did. I don’t have many photos in this set but if you are interested in purchasing photos from this shoot, feel free to email me. If you are a woman interested in modeling or having your feet pampered by me also feel free to email me. Even if you feel self-conscious of your feet we can meet privately for a session and I guarantee that you will feel a lot better about your feet after a session with me. With a little TLC, I’m sure I can help your feet look much better and you will feel a lot better about your feet. I’ve seen a lot of women with beautiful feet who have told me that they have ugly feet. I would be happy to help you feel better about your feet. I also can also show you how great it feels to have your feet pampered. Your feet work hard every day and when wearing high heels and other cruel footwear your feet take abuse. Don’t your feet deserve some attention after all they go through?

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Fall/Winter greetings from Ella.

Fall/Winter greetings from Ella.

   The last time I had a session with Ella was when it was nice and warm outside with the temperatures being in the nineties and above. The day we did this shoot in October, it was warm outside but not as hot as our last session. There was a chill in the air and the leaves were changing to a rainbow of colors signaling Fall is about to arrive and soon the Utah Sandal season will end as women throughout Utah place their sandals in storage and bring out the winter footwear. No more seeing women all over wearing sandals or even walking around barefoot. One thing that doesn’t change is that Ella has some sexy looking feet. She is also an experienced foot model and has done foot parties so she has a better understanding of foot fetishes than a lot of models. It seems like yesterday when we had our first session but it is now December and as I am writing this blog, it is 10 degrees outside and it has been a year since that session. It is hard to believe the extremes in temperatures I have had this year when doing sessions. I went from it being extremely cold to having sessions this past summer where it was so hot that women were unable to pose in sand because the sand was too hot and burning their feet. Now the weather is back to single digits and teens. I’ve been quite busy the past few months and have met a few Utah women as well as returning models. I also went to a foot party in Las Vegas which was quite fun. Usually foot parties for Halloween have a lot of guys attending but this time most of the guys who registered never showed up. When our host is expecting a lot of guys attending the party, he asks more women to come to the party and sometimes these women come from other areas for this party. When a large number of guys never show up, it is great for the men who attend the party since they can enjoy their foot fetish and not have to wait for a model to come back from another foot session. For the women, it means they don’t make as much money or even leave empty handed which is a bummer when you traveled from somewhere like Los Angeles, San Francisco, or even the east coast. I try to have sessions with as many of the women as possible to try and make sure no women leaves a foot party empty handed especially if they traveled from another city to attend. For five hours I was busy meeting as many women as I could and for a lot of women I was their first session even halfway through the party. Hopefully no women left this party empty handed since it would be a shame for a woman to show up at such a party and never have a single session with a guy. In the past there has been concerns that parties could be canceled if not enough guys show up which would also be a bummer for me since I plan to attend these events in advance and if a party is canceled, I wasted a trip that the main reason I went on the trip was for the now canceled foot party. This is also something that I am concerned about as I consider the possibility of hosting a foot party here in Utah. It would be a bummer planning a foot party and not enough guys show up or there isn’t enough ladies. I’m sure I would have to host the party in some adult venue and may even need a special permit to hold such an event in Utah which would add to the costs of holding such a party. Utah is more strict when it comes to adult activities even if no sexual activity occurs at such a party.

   As I’ve probably mentioned in past blogs, a few years ago a group wanted to have a pole dancing competition in Davis County and was nearly denied a permit because city leaders feared that other things would happen even though this was strictly a pole dancing competition and they had strict rules such as any dancer who has an article of clothing fall off or “wardrobe malfunction” were disqualified. Even if just one of their shoes fell off which would only give guys with a foot fetish a view of their feet would be disqualified when few other guys would even notice her shoes falling off. Also it wasn’t like some kind of makeshift strip club where people in attendance could toss money as tips to the competitors. You could buy a rose to give to the dancer (after she performs) but this is only as a token of your appreciation of her dancing.

   Most of the strip clubs here in Utah aren’t like strip clubs you see in other states. Some allow topless dancers providing no alcohol is served but if you want to serve alcohol even breasts have to be covered with pasties. I don’t think there is a fully nude strip club in Utah since all the ones I’ve been to have had women wearing G-Strings and can only show their bare breasts providing they don’t serve alcohol. You cannot get a lap dance at any Utah strip club. I think you can have a fully nude strip club if you don’t serve any alcohol in some cities but I am unsure and the rules constantly change. For example, Ogden passed new regulations a few years ago that resulted in all the current strip clubs in Ogden being in violation of this new ordinance. At the time there were three strip clubs in Ogden: Barebacks, Northern Exposure, and the Lighthouse Lounge. Barebacks was located around 7th and Wall Ave, Northern Exposure (aka Northern X-posure) was located at 1847 Wall Ave and is now a Cross Fitness Gym as part of the new Ogden Walmart plaza. The Lighthouse Lounge was at 315 24th street and was Ogden’s oldest strip club opening it’s doors in the 1950s and I am unsure if they are still around. They first became a bar serving only beer and of course no strippers. I heard they tried to convert to a dance club but didn’t make it and are no longer in business. With the passage of the new law, Ogden city gave the strip clubs of Ogden time to recoup losses before they were required to close down. There are still strip clubs in areas like Salt Lake City and even though Ogden eliminated strip clubs, we aren’t as strict as Utah County (where cities such as Provo are located) who have not only eliminated strip clubs but some cities in Utah County have even considered banning certain swimsuits at public pools, asking stores such as Victoria Secrets to cover up "smut", and having adult lingerie shops move store displays away from the front windows where children could see women wearing lingerie (something they could also see in a JC Penney® catalog). Still, even though I live in Weber County there have been attempts by some people to get rid of "smut" where I live. I remember walking into a Grocery Store here in Ogden and noticing several magazines were turned around so you cannot see the front of the magazine. At first I thought it was just the Sports Illustrated® Swimsuit Issue but noticed that other magazines such as Cosmopolitan®, Maxim®, and others were covered or turned over so you couldn’t see the front cover. I knew an employee who worked there who told me that they started "covering up" magazines after some parents complained about the "lewd" displays and even a local teacher had students write letters to this store and the Letters to the Editor of our local newspaper to complain.

   One interesting thing about Ogden is that during the 1920s, our city was known for brothels and illegal activities including a rumor of an underground tunnel along Ogden’s Historic 25th street that included the illegal distribution of alcohol, opium, and other drugs. There was also alleged gambling going on in this tunnel and of course prostitution. Along Historic 25th Street here in Ogden you will see a lot of old buildings that have also appeared in movies but a lot of them were used for illegal activities in the 1920s such as prostitution. Two of Ogden’s prominent landmarks have had a colorful past as well. Ogden’s Union Station has been known to be haunted and a lot of soldiers during World War I and World War II passed through Ogden at the Union Station on their way to their deployment. The Ben Lomond Hotel has been a landmark of Ogden since it’s construction in the late 1920s and also has a story of hauntings. It is rumored that there was a tunnel going from the Ben Lomond Hotel which sits on the Southeast corner of 25th and Washington all the way to the Ogden Union Station on 25th and Wall Ave. As you can tell, I am a history buff and like to talk about Ogden’s colorful past and sometimes drift off the topic at hand. Someday I may create a blog telling the colorful history of Ogden especially during the 1920s! Let’s return to the subject of Utah Female Feet and specifically Ella’s feet!

   Ella’s nail polish looks like she just stepped out of a salon before coming to our session. She actually didn’t have them painted at a salon. I painted her nails during our session and pampered Ella’s feet including using foot scrub and rubbing lotion on her heels in addition to giving her a foot rub. Her nails turned out great and I always thought painting in an art class and my hobby of painting scale model cars would come in handy some day. We also held our session outdoors briefly but most of our session was held indoors. Ella’s feet are beautiful with her curves and high arches. She also has nice long toes and I remember her telling me once that she was teased when she was younger because of her long toenails. As I’ve often said, it seems that a lot of women feel self conscious about their feet because they were teased about their feet at one time. I think all the foot fetish fans would agree that Ella’s feet are beautiful. I’m glad to have met Ella a year ago for a session and it is always a treat to meet her for more sessions. I love paying a visit to Salt Lake City but not for the reason others go to Salt Lake City. Unlike tourists I don’t want to visit the Salt Lake City temple or listen to the world famous Tabernacle choir. Meeting with Ella for a session is the ultimate treat. In addition, I get to see the many beautiful women in Salt Lake City and eat at one of my favorite Salt Lake City restaurants: The Market street Grill.

   A lot of times I bring tools to a session such as the Wartenberg wheel (as seen in the photo on the lower right) and a lot of women are curious what a Wartenberg Wheel is. It is a medical instrument that is used to test a persons nerve reactions as it is rolled across the skin. It is used to determine how severe a person’s coma is. While it is moved over the bottom of the feet (or other area) a person has a reaction that indicates their level of consciousness. In non-medical use, it is a great toy that a lot of women enjoy. Women often find the Wartenberg Wheel to be ticklish as I run this over the soles of their feet.

   I thank Ella for allowing me to hold another session with her and pamper her feet. I also thank her for sharing her beautiful feet with me, allowing me to take photos, and share more photos of her beautiful feet in my blog. If you are a woman interested in posing for photos or just want someone to pamper your feet please contact me by email. I enjoy taking photos or pampering women’s feet and would love to give your feet the attention they deserve. After a day in high heels or other cruel footwear your feet deserve attention for all the abuse they go through in a typical day. Treat your feet to an all out pampering from someone who is good at giving foot rubs and pampering feet!

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