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Meet Liz!

Meet new model Liz!

   Of course I put off writing blogs and now it is officially fall but the weather still has had some warm days such as today. I planned to publish this blog much earlier since it was done this past spring. Since the temperatures are still questionable, most women who wear sandals wait until it is warmer and the temperatures are more stable. In Utah We have had snowstorms as late as June but usually the snow ends around April. Of course this past Winter was mostly warmer than average with the exception of bitter cold temperatures during the last week of December and we only had a couple of major snowstorms. This summer was a cooler and wetter summer than average. Despite the rain and cooler than average temperatures summer 2015 or what I like to call Sandal Season 2015 has been red hot! I mentioned that I met a new model in 2014 during the last week of December but no photos were taken. Meet Liz, the model who I had a session with during the last week of December! Liz is a novice and never had a guy pamper her feet. It was a great session and even though it was bitter cold outside, it felt like summer inside as I was pampering her feet. Since she has never had a guy pamper her feet I handled her feet carefully not to tickle her feet or do anything else that would make her experience an unpleasant one. As I started giving her a foot rub she told me how great it felt and even felt a little turned on from the attention her feet were getting from me. After our session she was eager to reschedule another session and this time photos were taken of her feet during this session. I love to capture the girl next door look as well as include women who are accustomed to foot modeling. I have featured the feet of both novices and women who have been foot models before. I love to capture the unique sizes and shapes of women’s feet. A lot of women prefer to have tattoos hidden or removed from photos for various reasons and I’m sure there could be some tattoos that are copyrighted such as the tattoo that Mike Tyson has. In the sequel Hangover movie they had to remove an identical tattoo from one of their actors since the tattoo artist argued that Mike Tyson’s tattoo is his or her intellectual property and a copyright violation. Most of the women who model for me who have tattoos ask to have them removed since they are concerned that if I publish their tattoos, someone could identify their feet from my blog.

   This session was during the Spring or what I like to call Pre-Sandal Season as I mentioned. I’ve seen many women wear sandals year round and have always wondered how they are able to do this. For example, during my December session with Liz which was at a hotel in Ogden, Utah during bitter cold single digit temperatures, I saw a woman wearing flip flops as I was exiting the hotel to eat dinner. I
can only assume that maybe she came from somewhere that has warm winters where it is still warm enough to wear sandals. I remember the first time visiting Florida we drove from Miami to Tampa Bay and the local news was asking when temperatures will be warm. It was only in the 70s but they are accustomed to much warmer temperatures. Of course Utah is a drier climate and in some areas if the temperature is 30 degrees or lower (Fahrenheit) you would get a thin layer of ice covering the streets and sidewalks and it would feel much cooler. Of course with the lower humidity in Utah we rarely have sleet and things don’t freeze to the ground until it is in the teens or lower. This woman from Florida didn’t seem to be bothered by the cold and if any woman does wear sandals during cold weather and have cold feet I would be happy to warm up their feet! Think of the advantages! I can prevent you from being frostbitten on your feet! I’ve mentioned this story many times but I have to repeat it again. One time while walking to school in Junior High me and a friend were behind a woman who we could tell was irritated by the shoes she was wearing since she kept adjusting her shoes and seemed to be in pain as she was walking. She was wearing a pear of white leather shoes (I don’t know women’s shoes so I cannot name the type of she she was wearing) that were flats and she wasn’t wearing any socks. There wasn’t any exposed toes or anything like that but these shoes did have pointed toes. Most of the walk to school was on a sidewalk but our Junior High school didn’t have a sidewalk that goes to the rear entrance so we had to walk through snow. This girl who was a grade ahead of us stopped before stepping off the sidewalk to walk through the snow and removed her shoes walking through the snow barefoot! I doubt my friend had a foot fetish but I was enjoying the view of her feet since women rarely shed their shoes outdoors during the winter and some women don’t even shed their shoes indoors during the winter. She didn’t seem to be bothered by the cold snow but I guess her shoes were more painful to her feet and it was actually a relief for her to walk on snow than walking in those shoes that had pointed toes. I tried not to make it obvious that I was enjoying the view of her feet since I wouldn’t want her to feel uncomfortable knowing I was into feet and when she removed her shoes, it sparked my interests in her. Me and my friend were amazed that she would walk barefoot in the snow but I guess if her shoes where bothering her feet so much it was better than trying to walk in these shoes. Plus I imagine she realized that snow was going to get into her shoes anyway.

   Guys with a foot fetish have to be very careful not to make it obvious that we are attracted to female feet since a lot of women are not open to guys finding feet sexy. In some cases they may feel self conscious of their feet and think we are looking at their “ugly” feet. Some may think that if they don’t have perfect feet, we will reject them or that the only reason a we (guys with a foot fetish) would be attracted in them is because they have sexy feet. Most of women do find it creepy that some guy is into their feet. For example there was a guy at work who had some mental disabilities and had a habit of staring at women’s feet. He didn’t try to hide it and many women felt uncomfortable with him looking at their feet. There were even rumors that he masturbated while at work but I cannot confirm this since I never seen him do this but some people allegedly did see him do this. A lot of women indicated that they felt uncomfortable wearing revealing footwear or removing their shoes because of this employee. Some women were even concerned that this guy would do something to them because of his foot fetish. Many women in our area decided not to wear sandals or other revealing footwear. For me I have learned to not to make it obvious that I am looking at a woman’s feet just as much as not making it obvious that I’m looking at a woman’s breasts, buttocks, and other areas if they are wearing a swimsuit. Of course women don’t wear swimsuits to work unless they are swimsuit models. During my time in grammar school I didn’t realize that other guys don’t find a woman’s feet attractive and women find a guy attracted to their feet to be creepy. My first experience was in the fifth grade when there was a woman I liked and someone told her that I thought she and one of her friends were beautiful. In fact I initially thought she and her friend were twin sisters since they looked alike and wore similar clothes. This woman who I’ll call Jennifer didn’t like me at all and she noticed that I would look down at the feet of both her and her friend whom I’ll call Denise. I’m unsure how she determined I was looking at their feet but Jennifer realized I was looking at their feet. I assume that either she noticed me looking at her feet when she was removing her shoes or walking around wearing only nylons. Or she noticed me looking at her friend when she was wearing sandals or only nylons. As soon as Jennifer made derogatory comments about me I was no longer attracted to her or her feet and avoided her friend Denise. Her friend Denise never really said anything to me and in one encounter without Jennifer present, she seemed to not care that I was looking at her feet. During junior high and high school I realized that a lot of women found a guy with a foot fetish to be creepy. I had a woman in high school who found out I had a foot fetish and refused to talk to me and started spreading rumors to other women to avoid me because I was into feet. I had women who I had no interests in tell me to stop looking at their feet even though I wasn’t looking at their feet after this rumor circulated around. Other women that I liked didn’t want to hang out with me because of the rumors that I had a foot fetish. I assume they didn’t understand or they were concerned they would be made fun of because they were with a guy who had a foot fetish.

   Even though I quickly learned that revealing that you are interested in female feet is seen as creepy by a lot of women, I’ve had instances where I tried to hide my fetish but women have figured this out. In most cases women haven’t been too accepting after finding out I’m into feet. For example, at a couple of jobs I had women who noticed that I would look over when they removed their shoes or walked around barefoot. They felt uncomfortable but one women actually was accepting of it and after realizing I was embarrassed of having a foot fetish she would try to get me to look at her feet by dangling her shoes and ask if I found her feet sexy. At the time I was too embarrassed and avoided her but she seemed to be open to a foot fetish and may have let me rub her feet. She even asked me one time if she could receive a foot rub from me and I though she was joking. Even if I knew she wasn’t joking I would be too embarrassed to tell her that I would love to give her a foot rub. After looking at how she acted, I think she wasn’t really joking after all. Another woman walked around barefoot at work and noticed I was looking at her feet and decided she didn’t want to talk to me any more after realizing I was looking at her feet. She was a nice woman and even greeted me and I was thinking of asking her out on a date and she probably would have been willing to go out with me until she noticed that I was looking at her feet. I wasn’t attracted to her feet and prior to her walking around barefoot I have never seen her feet and didn’t care what her feet looked like. I thought she had a nice personality and looked nice and thought she would be a great date. Of course like the rest of the women who rejected me, I was heartbroken when she told me to get lost especially after I tried to hide that I was attracted to feet and found out she wasn’t open to men who are attracted to women’s feet. I think women need to realize that men who have a foot fetish are not only attracted to their feet. The woman who I had a crush through my junior and senior high school years never really wore revealing footwear until my junior year in high school. I was attracted to her beauty and personality and seeing her wear sandals one day was similar to seeing her at a public pool wearing a swimsuit. I already had a good idea what she looked like and not having a perfect body for a swimsuit or beautiful feet wasn’t a deal breaker. She had average looking feet but what I found attractive about her was her personality and her beautiful smile. A lot of men who have a foot fetish either don’t tell a wife or girlfriend since they have had negative experiences and there are a lot of married men at foot parties who are there to indulge in their foot fetish since their wife or girlfriend isn’t into having her feet pampered.

   I had some interesting responses last summer. I had a woman who is a known prostitute respond using a different name. I’ve had a few women respond and lose interest. One of the most memorable is a woman who responded to my ad saying that she cannot turn down a foot rub. During our correspondence via email she started to wonder why I would be so interested in giving her a foot rub when her boyfriends wouldn’t even give her a foot rub. She asked about my foot fetish and if I am sexually turned on by a woman’s feet. After she found out I had a foot fetish she lost interest. I try not to be creepy but she felt uncomfortable after learning that a guy with a foot fetish is attracted to female feet. Of course I don’t see how this would be different from me and other guys finding a woman wearing a swimsuit a turn-on and any guy would love to give a woman a full body massage or rub suntan lotion along the legs, back, stomach, and any other area of a female body that will be exposed to the sun when they are wearing a swimsuit. I can understand these women being uncomfortable since I doubt many women realize that feet can be a turn on for guys. Even if they understand that guys may find feet sexy, they figure they have ugly feet and are surprised a guy would find their feet sexy. As I’ve always said, feet come in all shapes and sizes. A lot of women with larger feet feel self-conscious of their feet. I like all sizes and shapes of feet and have always felt that Missy Franklin, a 2012 Olympic Swimmer has nice feet. A lot of female celebrities and models also have larger feet. Of course when a woman is tall such as Missy Simpson and a lot of models, they will have larger feet than the average woman. Other women feel self-conscious because they have some unusual characteristic of their feet. There are a couple of women I’ve met who have long toes and one women even wanted to have surgery on her feet to make her toes “look normal”. If this woman is reading this blog entry, I am serious when I say that she shouldn’t consider surgery to make her toes “look normal”. I do sessions with her and her friends and always love to pamper the feet of her friends and love her feet with the long toes. I’m surprised that she feels that her long toes make her self-conscious of her feet. Her feet are beautiful and I’ve considered taking photos of sessions with her and her friends and always look forward not only to pampering her friends feet, but her feet. I was told by her friend that hosted our foot party that she has never had some guy pamper her feet until I met with her and her friends last fall. She would be surprised to hear that I think her feet are beautiful and would love to hold a private session with her. Her friends also have beautiful feet but it seems that she doesn’t see her feet as beautiful as her friends feet. Around the same time that Liz responded to my ad, I had a Latino woman respond saying that she and her sister would be interested. This was great news since I wanted to feature Latino feet as well as other races of Utah women’s feet. I arranged to meet her and her friend but they never showed up. I would love to hear from any woman who wants to have her feet pampered or even model their feet. Especially Latino, African-America, and other races of women in Utah since I would love to capture the diversity of Utah women.

   From the foot fetish front I haven’t really advertised this year and as mentioned have had sessions with women and I’m behind on blog entries. I also have one new woman to feature. I’m looking at scheduling a foot party in Wendover, Nevada and am assessing how many women would be open to this foot party as well as men attending such a party. I’ve had women from throughout Utah ask about modeling or having their feet pampered such as a couple of women from Southern Utah and another woman near the Utah Idaho border. I didn’t really get a chance to do sessions that also feature Utah’s scenic beauty such as doing sessions in places such as the Bonneville Salt Flats, Bear Lake, The Great Salt Lake, or other places and will have to try next summer since Winter is just around the corner. To reach women from other parts of Utah and even out-of-state women I may plan a tour to areas where there are women who are interested in modeling or having their feet pampered. Despite me not running any advertisements in Backpage this year, I’ve had women who have seen this blog contact me about interests in modeling or having their feet pampered. I am still looking into creating my own site or offering an email subscription based service for photos of feet but would need more interests from women who are willing to model their feet and have photos published. Sandal season 2015 has been great!

   I want to thanks Liz for allowing me to pamper her feet as well as allowing me to take photos and share these photos on my blog. If you are interested in having your feet pampered or wish to model, I would love to hear from you. Please email me. If we hold a modeling session you are under no obligation to have any of your photos published anywhere and I will be the only person who views these photos and they will not be shared with anyone else. I respect your privacy and won’t release any details about any sessions or reveal that you’re seeing me for sessions without your permission.

©Copyright 2015 Marcus Soles. All Rights Reserved.

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Christmas in July (well August) with Kara.

Christmas in July August with Kara!

    Sandal season 2015 is in full swing but I am a little behind in publishing photos so I thought I would include some photos taken during the Holiday season when it wasn’t so warm outside. I did a session with Kara in late November just in time for the Holiday season. Of course it wasn’t 100 degrees outside. Of course we have had a lot of lower temperatures this summer as rain storms have appeared quite often this summer. It has been an interesting summer with it being sunny then in less then 10 minutes dark clouds appear and it rains nearly an inch complete with lightning then the storm clears as fast as it came leaving it nice and sunny. An hour later all the water has evaporated and you wouldn’t even know it rained earlier. During this session with Kara it was in the 30s or 40s outside and if there was any precipitation, it would have been snow. It was a clear night for this session. Without the cloud cover, temperatures drop even more. I booked a hotel at the mouth of Weber Canyon which is an area notorious for frequent crosswinds which can be very cold during the winter months. It may have been cold outside but our session was indoors where it was warm and toasty. I do plan on publishing entries from last summer and even this summer. I also have a new model that I plan to publish photos of who I met in late December of last year. At the time no photos were taken of her feet but we did a session this spring and photos were taken of her feet. As I mentioned, I’m a little behind and will try to mix in some sessions from this summer since as I mentioned despite the rain, sandal season 2015 is in full swing. I had originally planned to publish this blog in June, then July came and went and now it is August.

   As I was preparing for our session, I got an unusual glimpse of female feet on a winter day. There was a dance studio next door and there were women (mostly in their 20s) walking around barefoot in front of a window right across from my hotel room. Of course some of the women were pre-teens and teens but there were a lot of women 20 or older that would occasionally walk or dance by the window. Normally during the winter months, us guys with a foot fetish rarely see women barefoot for obvious reasons. Sometimes you see women wearing nylons during the winter but for for most women winter is the time of the year to wear warm shoes. Sometimes it will be unseasonable warm and you may see some women wear sandals. Sometimes even though it is bitter cold outside, you will see women wearing sandals which is kind of strange. I can understand the lady I saw wearing flip flops as she was walking from a cab into a hotel during the last week of December when it was in the single digits and you could pour water on the ground and watch it freeze instead of the summer months when sometimes it gets hot enough to cook an egg from the ground. She was probably a tourist from a warmer climate where winter isn’t so cold or didn’t realize Utah was having frigid weather. Even for locals, Utah’s weather can be unpredictable and the Great Salt Lake creates lake effect weather. It isn’t unheard of where one area in Utah isn’t getting any snow while another area 15 miles away gets six or more inches of snow. I remember doing one session on a warm spring day with one woman at a local park and all the snow was melted but when I did a session later in the day with another woman, the park that was less than 10 miles away still had half a foot of snow on the ground! Despite the snow, we still held a session but her feet were quite cold and I had to keep rubbing her feet to keep her feet warm after each photo. Mischa was a good trooper and I’m surprised she allowed me to take photos of her walking in the snow barefoot. Unfortunately this was the last session I had with her and really enjoyed doing sessions with her. I remember when I was in Junior high school walking to school with a friend and a young woman in front of us was wearing footwear that was bothering her feet. We were both surprised to see her remove her shoes and walk barefoot in the snowy lawn to the rear entrance of the school. I guess shoes can bother your feet enough that you don’t mind walking barefoot in the snow.

   Being late November I was thinking of creating a Christmas theme for our session but forgot most of the stuff I planned to bring except Christmas Ornaments. Every woman has unique feet and Kara is no exception. Her soles are soft and thick. She is also very ticklish but I’m able to give her a foot rub or paint her toenails without tickling her to death. I will sometimes tickle her feet to see her reaction. I didn’t paint her toenails during this session but she has told me how difficult it is for her to get a pedicure because her feet are so ticklish. Kara really hasn’t thought much of her feet and before meeting with me didn’t really paint her toenails very often or get pedicures not only because of her ticklish feet but also because she really didn’t realize how beautiful her feet are. Since her feet were ticklish not only is it difficult for Kara to get a pedicure but also foot rubs can be a bad experience for her. Like a lot of women, she was surprised that I was able to handle her feet without tickling her. A lot of women mention that I’m about the only person who can give them a foot rub and they are so relaxed that they nearly fall asleep. When others try to give them a foot rub or do anything else to their feet, they cannot handle their feet without tickling them and you cannot relax when your feet are constantly tickled. I’ve never had a woman actually fall asleep while I was rubbing her feet or painting her toenails but I’ve had some women who have gone into a trance as I’m rubbing their feet. I will usually slightly tickle their feet if they appear to be nodding off to sleep. Of course I wouldn’t mind if a woman was tired and did fall asleep while I was rubbing her feet during our session. I imagine this would be a little awkward for someone to fall asleep and they may think it was rude of them to nod off to sleep while I’m rubbing their feet. Sometimes I have a hotel room rented for the night and if they wish to stay after the session or take a nap, I would be happy to let them catch up on sleep and rub their feet. Receiving a foot rub can be relaxing and from reading up on giving massages, it’s actually a good sign if you are giving someone a massage and they are relaxed enough to fall asleep. A lot of women are busy and have to leave right after our session so I try to do a balancing act allowing them to feel relaxed and even slightly nod off but not go into a deep sleep where I have to try and wake them up. For any women who would like a foot rub or having their feet pampered before they go to bed, I am available for night time sessions. I won’t just leave once you all asleep. In fact, I could pamper your feet by applying lotion and putting socks on your feet to help hold in the moisture of the lotions when you are about to go to sleep and tuck you in before I leave. During the night, your feet will continue to feel great while you sleep long after our session. Why not let me pamper your feet after a hard day of work especially if you are on your feet all day like Kara? A foot rub or having your feet pampered before bed time is a great treat and as a bonus I can paint your toenails and smooth the soles of your feet.

   I haven’t done much advertising this summer so I haven’t met many new women. Of course I believe some Congressional member and state attorney general are trying to get Backpage to end adult advertisements like what Craigslist was pressured to do. Of course I didn’t have much luck with Craigslist since my ads were ghosted so nobody could see my ads anyway. Banning the adult advertisements on sites like Backpage doesn’t make a difference in the so called war on sexual slavery in my opinion. Instead people like me who are not interested in sex are further restricted. Instead of going after everyone by banning adult advertisements, they should be going after the people who do engage in illegal activities such as the sex trade. Despite no advertising I have had some women who have seen this blog contact me about a possible interest in modeling or having their feet pampered. So far I haven’t held a session with any new women but have been exchanging emails with a couple who may eventually decide to hold a session and possibly even allow me to post photos of their feet on this blog. Some have been in Southern Utah or further north and everywhere between. I also have had women from other states contact me. I am considering making visits to other parts of the state if I can find enough interest in a particular area. I want to focus on all the women’s feet of Utah, not just northern Utah. I would also like to showcase a more diverse selection of feet to reflect Utah’s population such as Latino or African-American feet. I would also like to find models with larger or smaller than average feet. There are a lot of beautiful women and they also happen to have beautiful feet and I would like to showcase Utah’s beautiful women and their feet. Women in neighboring states are also free to model for this blog. A lot of women come to Utah for a vacation so they too should be featured. I also had someone ask if I could take modeling shots that feature Utah’s scenery. This is a good idea and I will try to do some modeling shots in places that feature Utah’s beauty or even landmarks. I doubt you will see photos from Temple Square but perhaps I will do sessions featuring the Great Salt Lake, The Bonneville Salt Flats, etc in the background. Making arrangements for such sessions may be a challenge since most of my sessions are held at local parks or hotel rooms. In some public areas, it can be a problem doing a session. For example, I did a session at a Salt Lake City Landmark and a security guard kept walking by. We weren’t doing anything wrong but the security guard thought what we were doing was a little strange and walked by to see what we were up to. One time after a session at a local apartment, I noticed I had a police officer following me as I was driving home. At the apartment there was a lady who seemed to be watching our session closely so I think she contacted the police.

   During our session I gave Kara’s tired feet a foot rub and she was very relaxed during the foot rub. In addition to peeking at the feet at the dance studio next door, I was watching some reality show featuring guys who were making moonshine and trying to avoid being caught by the police. We joked about the show especially after one of the guys shot at a camera the police had set up. It turned out he had an unusual gun. Since it was a small town all the authorities had to do was go to the local gun store and obtain records of anyone buying bullets for this unusual gun. Of course this was the end of the episode so I would have to watch next week to see if the guys were caught. I usually don’t watch TV but often have the TV on during sessions to drown out our conversation and provide more privacy since some hotels have paper thin walls. I took some photos of her feet including a photo with a couple of Christmas ornaments dangling from her feet. We somehow got into a discussion about big foot. I can’t remember if I mentioned the reality show with some guys looking for big foot (who seem to be afraid of their own shadows) and of course they never seem to find him. Maybe I mentioned how South Weber and near the mouth of Weber Canyon where our hotel was located is were some alleged sightings have occurred. I remember in the 1970s, tracks were found at South Weber and Weber Canyon which made national news until it turned out the tracks were fake. Then it became fodder for late night talk shows. Of course some still argue that they aren’t fake and were simply dismissed as fake kind of like the guy who claimed to have captured big foot but before he could show anyone, the government showed up and stole big foot from him. I finished off the session applying a foot scrub on the soles of her feet then applying lotion. I helped her put her shoes back on and sent her on her way with warm and revitalized feet. She has some nice feet and her soles have more wrinkles on them than a lot of women. I think a lot of women think they have ugly feet and are surprised to learn that I think they have nice feet. As I’ve always said, feet come in all shapes and sizes and every women has different features about their feet that makes them unique. I’ve had many women who were made fun of because they had longer toes and other unusual features and they are surprised to learn that I think they have nice feet.

   I’m trying to find a better way to do sessions in Salt Lake City and other areas where I don’t live since I am sometimes late. For example earlier this week I had a session with a group of five beautiful women and was over an hour late! I enjoyed having this session and all the women were nice and had beautiful feet. One of the women mentioned how she was made fun of because she has long toes and was even looking to see if there was some kind of surgery to get rid of her long toes. Of course I think she had beautiful feet and that she should keep her long toes as they are. I personally don’t mind if a woman has long toes and think her feet are beautiful the way they are. After the session I sent a message to her thanking her for allowing me to pamper not only her feet but also her friends feet. Normally I get a response from women saying something like no problem or that they loved having their feet pampered and would like to have another session real soon. This concerned me and after 24 yours I sent another message apologizing for being late and if there was something else that upset her or her friends that I am very sorry for not only arriving late but also if I in some way made her or her friends feel upset. I never received a response and really hope that I didn’t upset her or her friends and am welcome to hold a session in the future with them. For the time being I may only do sessions at a hotel room or a place easy to meet at since sometimes it can be a challenge getting to Salt Lake City and with a major rain storm, construction near my area backing up traffic, a couple of wrecks, and a detour due to heavy rain flooding a street I started to run late. I can understand the feeling of someone coming late and usually understand someone coming in late. One time I even had a woman call me at the last minute asking if I could give her a ride to the hotel where we planned to hold our session and didn’t mention that she also wanted me to pick up her boyfriend to tag along with her during her session with me. I don’t mind you bringing someone with you to a session and realize some women prefer to have someone with them for personal safety reasons but I do like to know in advance that you will be bringing someone with you. I also prefer that you arrange transportation to our session since I make preparations before a session and I really cannot pick you up at the last minute. A couple of months ago I had a women who never showed up to our session and I sat and waited in my hotel room for over an hour then figured that she stood me up but wondered why she just didn’t say that she was no longer interested in a session or call to cancel. The next afternoon she called me and it turned out that she was on her way to our session and was struck from behind by another car. She spent the night in the hospital for observation and really didn’t remember any details about what happened the night before. All she could remember after the accident was she was driving along then having an EMT and police officer waking her up and putting her in a stretcher and riding in an ambulance to the hospital. Hours after the accident she couldn’t remember where she was going! She called because she regained some of her memory and realized that she was on her way to a session with me and felt bad that she didn’t make it to our session and couldn’t remember where she was going until the day after the accident and was unable to call me. I told her that I understand and we rescheduled our session. I felt bad for her since she was on her way to a session with me when she had this accident and she still felt guilty for not appearing at our scheduled session and even forgetting to call because she couldn’t remember details after the accident that she was going to a session with me. I was glad that she wasn’t seriously injured since her description of what happened mostly from what EMT’s, witnesses, and the police told her she is quite lucky to have more severe injuries. She explained that other cars had slowed down and someone behind her wasn’t paying attention to the traffic slowing down and crashed right into her car never hitting the brakes (according to police) and pushing her car into the car in front of her and the impact also pushed her and the car into the car in front of her and into a third car. Both her car and the car in front of her were totaled in the crash and her airbags deployed. The police officer said she was lucky that she was wearing her seat belt. He also told her that the air bags probably saved her life mentioning that this was one of the more severe accidents he has responded to. I still hold sessions with her. I’ve also had women who drive to Ogden from Salt Lake City, Logan, and as far away as Provo and sometimes they make every effort to come to our session on time but something beyond their control results in them being late such as backed up traffic, construction, etc. In addition, sometimes they are not familiar with Ogden and get lost. I can understand these situations and often offer to hold future sessions closer to where they live. Given that I haven’t heard from this woman that hosted a session at her apartment earlier this week, I can only assume that she is upset and I will never see her or her friends again for a session. I still keep questioning if I did something else other than arriving late that upset her or her friends. Obviously she wasn’t too happy that I arrived an hour late and I can understand her being upset about this. Unfortunately I had another session with her and her friends last year and also was late this other time too as I had difficulties finding her place then finding a parking space. I ended up parking a couple of blocks away from her apartment and walking to her apartment which wasn’t the same apartment she now lives at. I feel bad arriving late and still wonder if there was something else that upset her or her friends since despite her being upset about me arriving late to the session, it seemed our session otherwise went okay. It also made me think of finding ways to avoid being late such as arriving in Salt Lake City or other city the day before a session to avoid factors such as traffic that could make me late. I usually use GPS and scope out the address a person gives me on Google Maps® the day before heading to our session. I try to avoid getting lost and look at construction and weather reports before I head to the session so I know if there is any construction to avoid or if weather is causing traffic problems and I will have to leave earlier than planned. I really feel bad for being late especially an hour late especially after arriving late to a session with her and her friends last year. I really enjoyed doing sessions with her and her friends and will miss not being able to see them again for a session. I really didn’t anticipate that the construction on the way would back up side streets that I took to avoid the construction. Traffic was slow due to the weather and more rain fell than was anticipated leaving one road under water forcing crews to close this road to remove water and debris from the storm. The flooded road was still closed as I was on my way home and a day later opened but heavier vehicles are restricted from using this road since the road was damaged by the water. They are hoping they can quickly schedule repairs and finish them before winter since it is difficult to repair roads in the winter months and if it isn’t fixed before winter, they may have a difficult time removing snow from this road. Since a snow plow is a heavier vehicle and they are concerned a snowplow could do further damage to the road.

   There isn’t much new news from the foot fetish front. I still plan to create a website in the future and possibly offer some kind of newsletter sent via email featuring female feet from Utah (and other states too). I’ve looked into starting a group that meets locally in Ogden, Salt Lake City, and other cities for men who are into female feet and women who love to have their feet pampered by these men. As mentioned before, I met a new model last year on the final week of December. I plan to feature this model in my next blog that I will try to get out sooner. I still have sessions from my current models that will also appear in future blog entries. So far this year I haven’t had many sessions but did meet a new model who may appear soon. There are also other women who have expressed interest after seeing this blog and may be interested in allowing me to take photos of their feet and feature them in this blog. I may also meet other women who are friends of women who currently model for me or have foot pampering sessions with me who may be interested in modeling for this blog. This is unusual since I haven’t advertised this year and my blog is hard to find on search engines. As mentioned I will try to do modeling sessions that also feature Utah’s beauty in addition the the many beautiful women here. I will try to do modeling sessions at landmarks and famous places such as the Great Salt Lake, the Bonneville Salt Flats, etc. With it raining quite a bit this summer and summer/sandal season 2015 nearly over I may not get a chance before winter to do these sessions and hopefully the weather cooperates if I do try to do sessions to feature not only beautiful feet but also Utah’s unique landmarks and attractions. As mentioned, I doubt you will see modeling photos from Temple Square or other privately owned property. It can be difficult to do a session on public property since many people get suspicious seeing such a session such as the security guard me and Ella encountered at the Gallivan Plaza. On private property, I would have to get permission from the owner who may not be too interested in having their property featured in a foot modeling shoot. I have to be very careful about copyrights too since I could easily get in trouble if a photo has a corporate logo in the background or even the hotel itself could be copyrighted. For example I am a train enthusiast and took a photo of a train from a particular railroad and featured it on a web page. The railroad contacted the website and I was notified by the website to take down this photo immediately since this railroad saw this photo and this rain as well as their corporate logo was their intellectual property and threatened to sue to this website if this photo wasn’t removed. From this experience, I realized that a hotel could easily make a copyright infringement claim if a photo featured in this blog showed their corporate logo or even their hotel. In addition, this railroad that had me remove a photo from a website has a lot of their historic equipment on display in parks and other areas throughout Utah and I could easily find myself in another copyright dispute with them if I did a photo shoot in Weber Canyon and a train happened to be going by in the background. I can understand that they are protecting their trademark and other intellectual property but in my opinion they went too far in this photo. I can understand their lawsuit years ago against a video producer who filmed footage of a surplus locomotive purchased from this railroad that featured an engineer driving recklessly even though most people realize this railroad doesn’t allow such misconduct and even though this locomotive didn’t have their corporate logo on it, the paint scheme looked similar to theirs since it was one of their surplus locomotives and the buyer simply painted over the corporate logo. In my case I had taken a photo of one of their locomotives from a public vantage point that doesn’t feature any kind of alleged misconduct from this railroad nor was I profiting from this photo. In fact, there are many photos on the internet featuring this same locomotive and I’m surprised this railroad hasn’t contacted these websites demanding they also remove photos of their rail equipment. Technically Utah’s Railroad Museum in Ogden is in violation of this railroad’s and other railroad’s intellectual property since they post photos of this equipment and never really asked this railroad or others for permission to display photos of their equipment that their museum obtained from donations and purchases. Copyright law can be tricky!

   I want to thank Kara for another great session and I look forward to seeing her again. If you are a woman who is interested in modeling or having your feet pampered by me please email me. You are under no obligation to have photos taken during a session. If you model for any photos you are under no obligation to have them published here or in any other publication. If you do give me permission to publish photos, I will notify you so that you are aware that I published photos of your feet. I am willing to do either a modeling session or foot pampering session and as mentioned, if you don’t want photos taken I am willing to do a session where no photos are taken. I also am willing to do photo sessions where the photos are for only my private use and not to be published or shared with anyone. I respect your privacy and I will not divulge details about any sessions we have without your permission. If I take private photos, they will remain private and nobody other than me will view these photos.

©Copyright 2015 Marcus Soles. All Rights Reserved.


Summer 2015 less than a month away. Here’s Heather and Tami!

Summer 2015 less than a month away.

Here’s Heather and Tami!

   Summer 2015 or men like me who are into female feet like to call sandal season 2015 is less than a month away. As I mentioned in my previous blog that provided a flashback to Summer 2014 (aka sandal season 2014) from a photo shoot I held with Heather in August of 2014 which ironically was two years since our first session. Heather is also my first model to showcase her beautiful feet in my blog. I also mentioned that I will be introducing a blog with not only Heather’s feet but her cousin’s feet in a double session. Let me introduce you to Heather (in neon pink nail polish) and her cousin Tami (in dark red nail polish)! This is the first time I have featured more than one woman on a blog entry which is a challenge since both Heather and her cousin Tami have beautiful feet. I want to capture the beauty of both Heather and her cousin Tami in this blog. I’ve held sessions with Heather for over two years now and it was a treat to meet her cousin Tami. I had sessions with Heather and her sister but none of these photos were included in my blogs since her sister asked not to have her feet included in my blog. It wasn’t that she felt self conscious of her feet and I can say that she has some beautiful feet but there were reasons that she didn’t want her feet featured and I respect her request not to be featured on my blog as I do any woman who chooses to model for me. I have a lot of women who either don’t want to be featured in this blog or don’t want me to take any photos of their feet. A lot of these women have beautiful feet but requested that I not include their feet for personal reasons. Others have felt self conscious of their feet. There are a lot of women who love to have their feet pampered by me but don’t want photos taken. A lot of women I have met have felt self conscious of their feet but had absolutely beautiful feet. For a lot of these women they always felt they had ugly feet and may have even been teased by others about their feet. For example some of them had long toes or big feet. For a lot of these models, it is surprising to hear that people made fun of their feet! Perhaps others were jealous of their feet.

Some of the unusual responses I have received to my ads or blog

   I thought I would share with you something that is quite funny. For some reason I have people asking me to buff the soles and restore collector sports sneakers they own (men’s sports sneakers – not women’s) including someone who is a business specializing in collector sports sneakers. This business had a couple of Nike® Air Jordans™ that he sent a photo of and asked how much it would cost for me to restore them and buff the soles. I have no idea how they got my name and assume that somehow they read something about me buffing soles of female feet and somehow there is a misunderstanding like the classic misunderstandings on Three’s Company except I doubt the late John Ritter who played Jack Tripper would be able to explain this misunderstanding to Mr. Ferley or Mr. Roper. I can’t figure out where they misunderstood since this blog clearly mentions that I like to buff the soles of female feet – not shoes. A couple of months ago I had a couple of kids who also wanted me to buff collector sports sneakers they own as part of their shoe collection. My Google® profile also mentions that I like to pamper women’s feet including buffing soles of their feet. I have no idea where they would get the idea that I buff shoes when I have always mentioned that I like buffing the soles of female feet and this blog is listed as an adult blog. How do you explain to a kid that you buff the soles of women’s feet and don’t buff the soles of shoes? I specifically mentioned that I like to buff the soles of women’s feet and paint toenails. I deleted these references just in case there are misunderstandings. So far I haven’t had anyone ask me to do any painting but as mentioned I’ve been asked to restore shoes. I’m thinking that perhaps someone played a joke and gave my name to people who collect limited edition shoes. Of course why would someone want to play such a joke? If it isn’t some kind of joke then where are people coming up with such a misunderstanding? If I did restore shoes, it would be female footwear! Not sneakers worn by male athletes. Perhaps there is someone else who goes by the name doctorsoles who has a yahoo account and people have assumed this person has a gmail account.

   Another response came from some lady who massages mens feet and somehow thought I wanted some woman to pamper my feet. She mentioned that she is licensed in reflexology, etc and told me how much she charges per hour. I assume she simply did a search and responded to my blog without actually reading it.

Back to Heather and Tami

   The weather cooperated for my session with Heather and her cousin Tami when it has often rained all day or we would have great weather but a storm would roll in then it would suddenly be sunny outside minutes later. It’s interesting to see a storm roll in dumping over an inch of rain in less than an hour then see the clouds clear up and the sun come out again. We’ve had some flooding in Utah but still have a drought despite May 2015 being one of the wettest Months of May in Utah history. Even though we had several inches it won’t really make up for only a couple of snow storms this past winter and below average precipitation for the last few winters. It did delay our fire season that started quite early this year with our warmer than average winter and now that things are starting to dry out our fire season will be a big one this year. Of course our weather hasn’t been as bad as the weather in Texas and Oklahoma where there has been a lot of flooding and tornado’s. In Utah, we don’t have tornado’s like other areas and they are considered rare. We have an average of two tornado’s a year but most of them land in areas that are not populated such as the Bonneville Salt Flats and the back country. In fact, we have only had one tornado related death in Utah history that happened when a tornado touched down in Salt Lake City on August 11, 1999 and a worker at an outdoor recreation expo was killed. That tornado damaged the Delta Center (which is now called the EnergySolutions Arena – yes, the Utah Jazz has an arena named after a nuclear waste company) and other buildings in Downtown Salt Lake City and the Avenues area. The tornado’s that do touch down in the Beehive State are not as severe and cause minor damage. A few years ago a tornado touched down in a city west of Ogden but I can’t remember where. It did some minor damage to a person’s house but there were no injuries. During these May and June storms funnel clouds were spotted and one touched down near the city of Delta but no damage or injuries were reported. In the Uintah’s, there may have been a tornado touch down near King’s Peak. They cannot conform that it was a tornado or if it was micro-burst winds since nobody was there to witness it but some of the markings on the ground indicated that it may have been a tornado. A while back (I believe it was 2007) me, my brothers and friends were camping in the Christmas Meadows Campground in the Uintah’s that is along the Utah and Wyoming border in Sweetwater County Wyoming. We had all kinds of wild weather including rain, hail and severe thunderstorms. When we got home from our camping trip we learned that there was a tornado in Sweetwater County, Wyoming. We didn’t see any funnel clouds but weren’t surprised to hear there was a tornado in this area. We weren’t looking to see if there were any funnel clouds since we were in our tents weathering the storm. In the 1980s, our family was camping at Flaming Gorge which is a reservoir that is along the Utah and Wyoming border as the Green River crosses into Utah. We observed a funnel cloud that was several feet from the ground. Also during the 1980s, we saw a funnel cloud over the skies of Ogden near our house that didn’t touch down. Most funnel clouds never touch the ground here in Utah due to the mountains. Of course everywhere you live there are some potential disasters that can happen and Utah is overdue for a major earthquake along the Wasatch Front which covers most of Northern Utah where a majority of Utah’s population lives.

   This session was interesting since it includes Heather my first model who like Ella has been modeling with me for over two years now. This is also the first time I had a modeling session with two women that agreed to have photos posted on my blog. I would really like to hold a session with identical twins and see if their footprints are similar. I rarely have models stay with me so it is great when a model is willing to return for sessions especially for two years. As I often mention, some women will model with me for one or two sessions and I no longer hear from them and when I ask if they are still interested in a session, I don’t get a reply from them. Since this session includes two models it was a challenge to showcase both their beautiful feet. I included some single shots of Heather and Tami and shots of them together. Both Heather (In neon Pink nail polish) and Tami (in dark Red nail polish) have great feet. Like Heather, Tami is a pleasant model and was able to help come up with poses. This isn’t the first time I’ve had sessions with 2 or more women. As I mentioned earlier, I did sessions with Heather and her sister which I took photos of but didn’t share on my blog at the request of her sister. Heather also introduced me to Heidi and initially the plan was to do a joint session with Heather and Heidi but something came up. I had some memorable sessions with Heather and her sister who now lives in another state. I’ve had some memorable sessions with heather too including sessions at her house. For a while Heather also lived out of state but now lives in Utah again. Despite Heather stepping on a sticker during the session in the sand, our session went well. Tami’s beautiful feet complemented Heather’s beautiful feet and the dark red and bright pink nail polish colors provided a great contrast. To add to the Contrast, this session was done just before sundown at the Ogden River Parkway that had a mixture of grass, a paved trail, sand, and of course the Ogden River where we didn’t take any shots. The temperatures weren’t too hot so the sand and sidewalk weren’t. I remember one session with Heather and her sister where the sand was hot and hurting their feet as they walked in it. It was something like 95 degrees during this session and the sand was probably at the least 70 degrees at night and absorbed the hot sun during the daytime. I was concerned that the sand was hot enough to burn their feet. Thankfully they didn’t burn their feet and we took a bunch of shots on the swings rather than directly in the sand. We didn’t do any shots in the river since it is difficult to get to the river and with all the rain, the water level may be a little high. Heather and Tami also brought a large assortment of shoes to this session to model in. Here are a few shots of both Heather and Tami modeling together:

   As I mentioned in my last blog, I am catching up with blogs and have another new model that I met
in late 2014 and held our first session the final days of 2014 but no pictures were taken during this session. We held our first session where photos were taken earlier this year. I also have other sessions to catch up on and may combine sessions instead of making a blog for each one. I have one session that was held in November or December of Last year that was supposed to be published around Christmas. I also have unpublished photos from this same model taken around October. I decided to include this recent shoot of Heather and Tami as part of a two-part series since I never realized during my session with Heather in August that Heather has been modeling for me for two years and Heather is the first woman to respond to my ad who went through with doing a photo session with me and the first to allow me to include photos in my blog. I had a few respond before Heather who lost interest. A lot of women will respond saying that they would love to have someone give them a foot rub or pamper their feet or be happy to model their feet until they figure out that I have a foot fetish. I’ve been tempted to do an experiment and advertise for a nude model, swimsuit model, or lingerie model and at the same time advertise for a foot model and see if I get a session with a woman who is comfortable modeling nude, in a swimsuit, or wearing lingerie before I receive a response from a woman who is interested in modeling just her feet. Would a nude model feel more self conscious about modeling nude than being asked to model only her feet? Would women who are willing to model in swimsuits or lingerie feel more self conscious about modeling only their feet? It seems some women wouldn’t feel as self conscious about nude modeling or modeling in a swimsuit or lingerie as they would modeling their feet. I assume that part of this is women see a foot fetish as some kind of sexual perversion even though a straight guy taking photos of them nude, in a swimsuit, or wearing lingerie would also be be turned on since they like guys who have a foot fetish like seeing women nude, in swimsuits, or wearing lingerie but the difference is a guy with a foot fetish also likes to see feet. Instead of exposing just their feet, they are exposing their entire body or most of their body. Would the average woman feel more comfortable receiving a full body massage from a guy who openly admits he finds women attractive than receiving a foot massage from a guy who openly admits he has a foot fetish? Do women find it more creepy if a guy looks at their feet than if a guy looks at their entire body as they are wearing a swimsuit at the beach? Guys with a foot fetish find swimsuits, nudity, and lingerie to be sexy just like any other straight guy but also find women who are barefoot, wearing sandals, or other revealing footwear sexy. Do they find men who are into legs creepy? I think there are a lot of women out there who would really appreciate having a guy give their feet attention if they were open to a foot fetish. Such a guy would love to give you a foot rub after a day wearing high heels and other cruel footwear. They also would love to paint your toenails for you saving you money on a pedicure or trying to reach down to paint your toenails by yourself. A foot massage can be relaxing and I’ve heard some women complain that their boyfriend or husband won’t give them a foot rub. I’ve been very lucky to have as many women respond to my ads for the past couple of years and follow through with a session with me. Some of these women only held one or two sessions with me so I appreciate when there are women who continue to have interests in sessions. At one time I remember I was thinking of leaving Utah since there wasn’t many interested women in Utah and had to go to other states in order to enjoy giving foot massages to women or pampering their feet. Even though there is still a lack of interest, I have enough women who will let me pamper their feet until I attend foot parties in other states.

   Not much has changed in the Utah foot fetish world. I still plan on getting my own website so I can do more and have more control of my content. I will also have more control over the information collected by marketers/data Brokers/Data Miners as well as advertisers. Some hosts of blogs are like social media sites and want you to give up any copyright claims to your photos and any other content and allow them to use this content for their own use at any time. My new site may also include a section where people can post ads for a nominal fee. Of course there will be some terms of service for such ads but it will mostly address things such as an ad cannot be a solicitation for prostitution or other illegal activity and may only include requests for people 18 and older and the poster of the ad must be 18 years old or older. I may include a place where people can post topics to discuss. With my own site, I have better control of things such as not worrying about the host changing their terms of service or making changes to their interface that result in visitors no longer visiting sites hosted by them (including my site) or makes it more difficult for me to write and post blogs. I’m always looking for new models or women who want to have their feet pampered. If you model, you are under no obligation to have photos posted on this blog. At your request I will use a nickname of some kind to protect your identity and hide tattoos and anything else that may identify who you are. I also enjoy just sessions where I give a foot rub or pamper feet and no photos are taken. Of course a major problem is I don’t get many women who are interested. I have had women in other parts of Utah inquire about modeling or having me pamper their feet such as women who live in Southern Utah and further north such as Logan or near the Utah/Idaho border. I may try to vacation to to other parts of Utah if I can find enough Utah women in a particular area. For example, I could take a vacation to Saint George or near Bear Lake to host sessions with interested women in these parts of Utah. I love to feature Utah women’s feet but if you were born in another state or you were born in Utah but grew up in another state, I still would be interested in doing a modeling session with you. I’m open to women’s feet of all shapes and sizes and any ethnicity. I would love to feature Latino, and women of other races since they also make up the beautiful feet you find here in Utah. You don’t need a fancy pedicure or own a bunch of stylish shoes for a modeling session. In fact, I would love to paint your toenails and buff the soles of your feet during a session and take photos of my finished product. I love to help women who feel self conscious about their feet feel better about their feet. as mentioned I would be more than happy to do a simple massage or pampering session where no photos are taken of your feet. I respect your privacy and will not let anyone else know about any session we hold without your permission. If I get enough interests in other parts of Utah I may make trips to these areas to schedule sessions with women. I’m also looking at more sessions that showcase not only the beautiful feet of the women of Utah but also the natural wonders of our state. I may hold a session with a model at the Bonneville Salt Flats and Utah’s many state and national forests. If you are interested in a session and live in other parts of Utah feel free to drop me a line and I will see if I can arrange to meet you.

   Don’t assume that your feet are too ugly, I’ve met many women who think their feet are ugly and I think their feet look fine. Some have even told me how they were teased about their feet by classmates. I often shop where a lot of Weber State students shop and often see all kinds of students with beautiful feet and these ladies probably don’t realize that I think their feet look nice since I am not going to make it obvious that I am looking at their feet since I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable shopping and wondering if some guy is looking at their “ugly” feet that they feel self-conscious about. There is a woman who is nearly 6 feet tall who see quite often at the store. She wears a simple pair of sandals and always has nice purple toenails. She is probably a member of the Women’s basketball team since I’ve seen her wearing Weber State Women’s basketball shirts. I overheard her one day talking to a friend saying how ugly her feet are since they are so big and how she cannot find shoes that fit her. Of course a women nearly 6 feet tall would have larger feet or would have problems balancing. One time I even saw here sitting on a bench rubbing her own feet. Of course it would be creepy for me to walk up and offer to give her a foot rub. She would probably appreciate it if she knew me and didn’t know that I had a foot fetish. A lot of women are very surprised how great I am at giving them a foot massage. If you match the description of this women or it sounds like you, feel free to contact me as I would love to hold a private session to pamper your feet as I would any women’s feet.

   Some women may be concerned about perspiration, having dry cracked heels, etc. I don’t have a problem with perspiration or having dry cracked heels. I rarely turn down an opportunity to give a woman a foot rub. If you have athletes feet or other contagious problems with your feet I would have to turn down your feet until you take care of these issues. For cracked heels I can help remove your dead skin as well as using a lotion that helps with dry cracked heels. I also can use lotion and foot scrub that not only will energize your feet but also take care of perspiration.

   I thank Heather for introducing me to her cousin Tami and I thank both Heather and Tami for a great session. If you are a woman who is interested in modeling or having your feet pampered by me please email me. You are under no obligation to have photos published in this blog and I won’t share any photos with anyone or publish them without your permission. You also are under no obligation to have photos of your feet taken. I’m willing to do pampering sessions with no photos taken and I am willing to do modeling sessions where any photos I take will not be published in my blog. I respect your privacy and will not reveal details about our session without your permission and nobody else will know about any session we have without your permission. If I take photos, I will not share these photos with others or publish them on my blog without your permission. You must be 18 years of age or older. As mentioned I don’t restore or buff the soles of collectors footwear such as Nike® Air Jordans™.

©Copyright 2015 Marcus Soles. All Rights Reserved.


Summer 2015 is almost here! A look back at Summer 2014 with Heather.

Summer 2015 is almost here! A look back at Summer 2014 with Heather.

   Summer 2015 or what I like to call Sandal Season 2015 will be arriving soon. I planned to put this blog entry out earlier this month but was delayed. We are now approaching Memorial Day which is the unofficial start of the summer season. Despite it raining this entire month, many Utah women have brought their summer footwear out of winter storage and are wearing them and buying footwear for Summer 2015 season or what I like to call Sandal Season 2015. This time of year is still an unpredictable time as it may rain or even snow. A lot of women already have summer fever and are anxious to wear summer footwear despite the unpredictable weather here in Utah. Despite only having two major snowstorms this winter, we are receiving a lot of rain that will help with our potential water shortage later when it gets hotter outside. Yesterday evening several inches of rain was falling and a lot of women were wearing flip flops and other sandals. Despite some bitter cold weather in late December, we have had a warmer than average winter this year which quickly melted the little snow pack we had in the mountains and we will have a big water shortage this summer since we already were hurting for rain after lesser than average precipitation for the past few years that has lowered our local reservoirs. A lot of lakes and reservoirs are so low that they are dredging the lake because boats are unable to get out of the marina due to shallow water. They are even planning to dredge the Great Salt Lake that in the 1980s was flooding and pumps were purchased to control the level of the lake and prevent flooding. These pumps haven’t been used since the 1980s and definitely won’t be used anytime soon.

   As I mentioned previously, I have some photos of Heather from last year that I wanted to publish as I try to catch up on all my modeling shoots. These photos were taken in late August 2014 when Summer 2014 (Sandal Season 2014) was winding down. Interestingly we had similar weather this past August as we are having now. It was cooler and there were plenty of rain storms. I remember that I had to do a session indoors for one of my models when I wanted to do it outside since the hotel where I booked a room had a pond and this would have been a great place to take photos. When I arrived at the hotel it was sunny and warm. A couple of hours later clouds rolled in and a thunderstorm dumped several inches of water by the time of our scheduled session. Even though it would have been great to get pictures during a rainstorm, it was also a big risk when there is lightening especially around a body of water since you could easily get struck by lightning.

   Heather happens to be the first blog model who responded to my Backpage ad for a foot model. I didn’t realize it at the time of this session that it was August two years ago that she first posed for me. I really wished I had realized this since I would have taken more photos and published bonus photos of Heather as a tribute to spending two years doing sessions with me. She introduced me to another model and I also did a lot of sessions with one of her sisters who had some nice feet but preferred that her feet not be featured in my blog. It would have been cool to feature the feet of sisters. Heather also hosted a couple of sessions at her house which was a great experience since the house was in a great location and had a hot tub and a nice deck in the back yard facing the west with a great view. She has always brought a large selection of shoes to sessions and makes sure she has a nice pedicure. She also allowed me to paint her toenails for some sessions. In this particular session, she had a professional pedicure with a nice dark red nail color. Interestingly this session was held at the same park we held our first session two years ago! Beus Pond Park has a pond (of course hence the name) as well as a stream leading to this pond. I never actually visited Beus Pond until my first session with Heather even though I drove past Beus Pond on my way to Class at Weber State University almost every day. It also has an area with swings, a grassy area and covered picnic benches. I have done a lot of sessions with other models at Beus Pond after realizing it’s beauty. I regret not visiting Beus Pond the many times that I had time between classes at Weber State. I recently had another session with Heather and a cousin at the Ogden River Parkway. Since I really didn’t have enough photos to commemorate my two year modeling relationship with Heather from this August 2014 session, I plan to publish photos of this recent session with her cousin in a couple of weeks which will be a treat since here cousin agreed to have her feet also featured on my blog.

   I appreciate all models who are willing to model for me regardless if photos are taken or shared on this blog. Especially women who have chosen to hold additional sessions with me since a lot of women lose interest after one session while others have done a few sessions with me but they suddenly stopped. I’m hoping I didn’t make them feel uncomfortable in any way and assume it could be things such as they are dating someone new who will not allow them to have sessions, they are too busy with schooling since some were college students, or even moved to another state. Some had a boyfriend or husband and asked that I keep details of our session private and it’s possible their boyfriend or husband found out somehow. Of course it is strange not to get a response after they seemed so interested in sessions in the past. Of course I’ve stopped doing sessions with a few such as one who was a prostitute and wanted to meet at a seedy hotel. I was concerned the entire time since she made me wait in a parking lot for what seemed to be several minutes when it was probably only 15 minutes or so. Realizing this hotel wasn’t the great hotel it use to be and was now seedy I was a little concerned that I would draw the attention from police since I’m sure with this hotel being seedy, police are keeping an eye on this hotel and waiting in the parking lot could get their attention as they figure if I’m someone who isn’t doing anything wrong, someone who is a drug seller or user, or someone who is engaging in other illegal activities such as prostitution. Once she was ready and I entered her room I saw evidence that she was probably a drug user as well as prostitute so I didn’t feel comfortable at all knowing that the police probably are aware of her activities and may even by watching who visits her hotel room and even keeping track of who she talks to on her cell phone.

   I also appreciate the women who have allowed me to pamper their feet. A lot of these women didn’t want to model but loved the idea of having someone pay attention to their feet giving them a foot massage, painting their toenails, etc. A lot of these women have felt very self-conscious about their feet. Some even had unusual features and were made fun of at school, church or other places. For this reason they stopped wearing sandals or other revealing footwear and avoided being barefoot. Some had larger feet and were made fun because of this even though the reason they had larger feet was because they are taller than the average woman. A lot of these women felt better about their feet after sessions with me. A lot of women not only are surprised that there are some men who find feet sexy but are surprised that their feet are sexy when they always saw their feet as the ugliest feature of their body. In addition some women have never let someone give them a foot rub and found having me pamper their feet to be a relaxing experience. Some have even found it sexually stimulating to have someone give them a foot rub or pamper their feet. Some women have told me that they rarely get pedicures since their feet are very ticklish and are surprised that I am able to handle their feet without tickling them and feel so relaxed during a session that they nearly fall asleep while receiving a foot rub. Of course not all women like the idea that someone would find their feet attractive or pamper their feet. I get many responses to this blog or an ad that I placed where a woman initially tells me that she would love to receive a foot massage or model for me. They wonder why I am so willing to give them a foot rub then they seem to realize that I must have a foot fetish and decide that this is too creepy and that they don’t want some guy who finds female feet to be beautiful to touch their feet or take photos. Some have even indicated how they go to a salon for a foot rub spending money for having someone give their feet attention. They are all for a session with me until they realize that I must have some kind of foot fetish. I’m very professional during sessions and do not want to make someone feel uncomfortable in any way. A lot of women have felt so relaxed during a session that they have nearly fallen asleep while I’m giving them a foot rub. After a session with me some women have told me that they feel more comfortable having a session with me than going to a salon.

A few pointers when responding to my ad or blog:

   I haven’t advertised in Backpage recently since I have received few responses and in some cases received responses from people who I’ve already heard from that either weren’t sincerely interested. Sometimes I get a response from a woman who is happy that someone would give her feet attention but then started questioning why I would be interested in giving foot massages and decided that even though they would kill for someone to give them a foot rub, they find it creepy that some guy would be attracted to feet. I have received some responses to my blog recently from women interested in having their feet pampered or modeling their feet. I appreciate any interests and love to hear from women interested in modeling or having their feet pampered. Sometimes I’m unable to respond back to messages for various reasons but wish I could have responded to them. I do have some pointers to help make it easier for both you and me:

  • Make sure your email account isn't full or you have exceeded limits.

    Some ISP’s and email service providers have limits on the volume of email that you can send or receive daily, weekly, or even monthly. In addition some don’t have virtually unlimited storage like Google and some others meaning if you have 1 megabyte of space (I’m just throwing the figure 1 megabyte as an example) and reach this space you may not be able to receive or even send emails and if someone sends an email to you it could bounce. A lot of providers and ISP’s also count email that you sent so if you sent photos, you may have gone over the limit. Other email providers and ISP’s limit the size of attachments and may even have a limit to the total size of attachments you can send daily, weekly, or even monthly. Make sure you are not over any limits by your ISP or email service provider. If your mailbox is full try deleting or archiving mail that you have already sent in the “sent” folder. In addition, if you have a lot of draft emails (emails that were saved but never sent) this could put you over the size limit if your email provider or ISP has one. Try deleting these draft or unsent emails. Sometimes you can have several copies of emails that you eventually did send but copies of it were saved as you were composing the email. Most ISP's, email service providers, and email client software such as an app on your smart phone or an email client on your PC such as Enigma, Thunderbird, or outlook periodically save the email you are composing and may not remove these draft copies after you send the email.

  • If you send photos make sure there are no limitations on attachment size or file type.

    You are not obligated to send me photos but if you would like to send photos make sure you don't exceed the upload limit for your ISP or email provider. If you are using a work email address it is possible that your Information Technology Department filters emails being sent out with attachments or filter certain file types such as JPEG or GIF files. Sometimes when they filter emails, it just doesn’t get sent out and you don’t receive any message that your email was filtered and not sent. They also may filter incoming emails and may be intercepting (through their filter) responses I send to your email and you wouldn’t know that this is happening unless you contacted me with another email account. It’s a good idea to not use a work email address especially if you intend to send photos. A lot of organizations have very strict rules on use of their email accounts for non-work related or personal use. In some cases using a employers email for personal use could result in disciplinary actions. For this reason it is suggested you use a personal email account instead of an employer, college email account, etc. to contact me.

   If you don’t receive a response to an email you sent you may want to email me again or even provide me another email address that I can contact you just in case your emails are bouncing. You may want to check your spam folder since there is a chance that my emails are being filtered as spam by your ISP or email provider.

   As mentioned in my previous blog, I am backlogged with some photo sessions and have a new model who will appear soon. As mentioned in this blog I plan to publish photos of Heather with her cousin (who is also a new model) in a couple of weeks. Even though I haven’t advertised lately there could be some more new models as some women have shown interests in a foot modeling session. I’m unsure if I will advertise in Backpage since I haven’t really received many responses and some have lost interest after talking to me about doing a modeling session. I’m still looking into creating a new site for my blog and possibly a newsletter featuring female feet. I’m also still looking into some kind of foot fetish group and possibly a foot fetish party. A lot of this depends on how many interested women I can find as well as men who would participate in such events. Keep in mind that not all women are into the foot fetish scene and enjoy modeling their feet but aren’t interested in having their feet pampered or worshiped.

   I thank Heather for another great session and for continuing to allow me to take photos of her feet. If you are a woman who is interested in modeling or having your feet pampered by me please email me. You are under no obligation to have photos published in this blog and I won’t share any photos with anyone or publish them without your permission. You also are under no obligation to have photos of your feet taken if you are interested in having your feet pampered instead of modeling. I respect your privacy and will not reveal details about our session without your permission and nobody else will know about any session we have without your permission. You must be 18 years of age or older.

©Copyright 2015 Marcus Soles. All Rights Reserved.

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Spring 2015 is here!

Spring 2015 is here! Here’s Ella!

   I admit that this was supposed to be published in time for Valentines Day or shortly afterwards but I’ve had to deal with a busy work schedule, personal problems, and nursing a cold followed by pneumonia for the past couple of months. I was already behind but fell further behind and like the photo shoot that was supposed to be published in time for Christmas, here is a photo shoot from the lovely Ella that is a little late. I’m sure you would agree that it is better to publish these beautiful photos of Ella’s Feet late then never posting them at all! Ella had even had her nails painted a festive red color for our Valentines day theme! It is spring 2015 fellow foot fans! Some women have already taken their sandals out of storage and are already wearing them and summer (or what I like to call sandal season) isn’t too far away when even more women take their summer footwear out of storage. Of course Utah has had a warm winter with only a couple of major snowstorms in the valleys. Despite a couple of weeks of frigid temperatures, we have had a much warmer than usual winter and some women have already been wearing summer footwear. Of course with Utah’s unpredictable weather you can easily have it be nice and warm one day then cold weather the next day. Sometimes you will see a extreme temperature change in the same day such as it being warm during the early afternoon or morning then a cold front comes in and it is cold for the late afternoon and evening. As I am writing this it is in the 30’s and snowing but last week we had nights where the temperatures were in the 50s and record breaking 60s or 70s during the daytime in Northern Utah. I have to emphasize Northern Utah since the southern half of Utah is a lot warmer than the Northern half of Utah. We often like to call the southern half of Utah “Utah’s Dixie” since it is much warmer in the winter than Northern Utah but they too have had snow. This has also been a dry winter with only a couple of major snow storms. In fact, this April snow storm dumped more snow in Northern Utah than we received this entire winter! Of course even with it being warm in the Spring, there is a cold breeze in Utah even when we don’t have the snow pack in the mountains that we normally get like this year. I admire women who wear sandals and other summer footwear this time of the year since you never know if later in the day there will be a couple inches of snow on the ground or a major winter type snowstorm in April or May. I doubt this will come as consolation to these women but there are plenty of us guys who would be happy to warm their feet by giving them a foot rub and even a warm foot bath!

   I decided to book a room for our session at the Grand America which is a luxury hotel which was an interesting experience. The room was nicely decorated and provided for a great photo session. It’s always a treat to do a session with Ella and I wanted to make this a special session since we have done so many photo shoots over the years and she has always been a great person to have sessions with. I forgot to bring Valentines candy for a shoot but did bring a Lavender 3-in-1 suntouched candle with hemp and soy from Earthly Body Inc. I cannot remember the online retailer I purchased it from but it is one of those candles that melts to a massage oil so as the candle burns you can spoon massage oil among the wax and give a massage. Quite romantic as you watch the candle burn then give someone a massage with the oils. Our session was interrupted when a lady from housekeeping wanted to refill the ice and came with pair of slippers but I couldn’t understand her and didn’t know if these slippers were free or if I would end up paying for them if I decided to open the package and use them for our session. It was a little unusual to see room service at around 8:30 PM. The only time I’ve been contacted by room service is when I had a daytime session and this session happened to be at the same time housekeeping wanted to clean my room and they called to leave a message telling me to call them when I’m done since they were unable to clean my room since I had a "do not disturb" sign and the room was occupied as they were cleaning rooms near mine. The funny thing is this room at the Grand America even had a doorbell! I locked the door as I usually do and she knocked announcing she was housekeeping. I figured if I don’t answer she will just leave some message on the phone until I heard the doorbell ring.

   Ella always picks the best nail polish colors and this red color was a great choice for what was planned as a Valentines Day theme and you can’t go wrong with red anytime of the year. I tried to capture the shiny red color of her nail polish in these photos as well as Ella’s lovely feet. I also asked her to bring some closed toed shoes or pumps as I wanted to get some "toe cleavage" shots. For people unfamiliar with the foot fetish world, toe cleavage is similar to breast cleavage that you see in swimsuit photos. Instead of capturing the area between breasts toe cleavage shots show the cleavage between the toes in closed toed shoes. Ella is also great at picking footwear to bring to photo shoots and this session was no exception. She chose some nice high heeled pumps one pair being red and the other black in color which are not only great for a Valentines day theme but also my favorite colors. I try to balance blogs with shots with and without shoes especially for Ella since she has beautiful feet and looks great with and without shoes. Our session started with a bubble bath and I massaged her feet and applied foot scrub to soften her soles and applied lotion to her feet. The candle created a great atmosphere and some great photos.

   There really isn’t much new to report in my foot fetish plans. I’m still looking for women who enjoy modeling feet as well as women who enjoy receiving a foot massage from me. I’m behind on blog posts of photos and will publish some other photo shoots with other women including a new model I met this past December. Our first session was during our bitter cold temperatures on the last week of December. No photos were taken during this session but I recently called her for another session where photos were taken. One session I have pictures for is a session I did this past fall with a model that has some great pictures so it would be a good idea to still publish these photos even if they are late. I haven’t been advertising as much since I’ve gotten the same responses from some people I have been trying to avoid and women who just don’t understand foot fetishes. In one case I had a woman ask me after we exchanged emails about my ad why I would be willing to pay a woman to allow me to massage her feet. I told her that I would be happy to give her a foot massage for free if she was concerned about being paid to allow me to give her a foot rub. Heck, I would love to set up some kind of kiosk at a mall and offer free foot massages to women and they can offer to tip me but tipping would only be voluntary and that no woman should feel obligated to give me a tip. A woman allowing me to give her a foot rub is plenty of satisfaction for me! After I offered to give her a foot massage and not pay her I didn’t hear from her again. The weird thing is when she first responded to my ad she was very enthusiastic about receiving a foot massage from me. She also saw it as a bonus that I was willing to give her a foot soak and paint her toenails. Then she asked if I pay women to rub their feet and and lost interest. She wouldn’t mind if I didn’t pay to give foot massages to women or charged women to rub their feet or take photos of their feet? I would be happy to do free foot massages and free foot pampering but I’ve never received many responses. Despite all that’s been going on, I have had some time to look into creating an independent website but haven’t got around to setting it up. I’ve also thought about trying to host a foot party or some foot group that meets occasionally but the problem is there aren’t many women interested which is important to pull off a successful foot party and foot group. It seems women (especially in Utah) see men with a foot fetish as weird and are not open to foot fetishes. Of course I would most likely hold a foot party near a border town such as Wendover, Nevada where many Utah people go for other fun such as gambling. There is also the possibility of offering women from the neighboring state to come or even finding a way to get foot fetish models from throughout the US to come but there would have to be a guarantee that I can put together enough guys who are willing to show up so that the party is successful. I wouldn’t want a woman to go to a foot party and spend the whole night sitting around without any guys offering to give her feet attention and leave home empty handed. It would be unfortunate if they spent a lot coming to this foot party on air fare, hotel accommodations, etc and they were ignored the whole night and didn’t even make enough money to cover their trip or even a meal. This is why when I go to foot parties I try to reach out to every women who attends so that they have at least one person give their feet attention at the party. Foot parties are also a great way to sample all the many different features of women’s feet and meet women who are open to the foot fetish world. You can see feet of all shapes and sizes and types. You can see the girl next door type of feet and even professional foot models in some cases. I also worked on my Google group that I created a while back and have some people who wanted to join and finally got around to accepting their application to join. I’m still trying to figure out what this Google group will talk about. When I wasn’t sick or busy I managed to schedule a couple of sessions.

   I want to thank Ella again for another great foot session and I look forward to seeing her again. For women who are interested in receiving a foot massage from me or modeling their feet, please email me. You are under no obligation to have photos taken during a session or to have photos published on this blog. In addition, I respect your privacy and you can be assured that nobody else will know about any session we have without your consent. If you are self conscious of your feet, I offer sessions that are confidential and can help you feel better about your feet. I also will not do anything that you feel uncomfortable having done to your feet and there will be no sexual contact. You must be 18 or older for a session. A lot of women have appreciated the attention I have given to their feet. Doesn’t your feet deserve this attention?

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Winter greetings with Ella!

Winter greetings with Ella!

   Winter has finally arrived in Utah and currently we have warmer than usual temperatures but earlier this year had frigid temperatures! I’m sure most women have put away their sandals for the season even the women who try to wear sandals year round. We’ve had some unseasonably warm temperatures which extended the sandal season for many die hard woman who wish they could wear sandals year round like warmer climates such as San Diego or Las Angeles. On Christmas we officially had our first major snow storm where more than an inch or two fell in the valleys. It is officially the end of summer or what I like to call sandal season here in Utah. The only time you will see women barefoot or wearing sandals is indoors. Utah women have put away the summer footwear for boots and other footwear that keeps them warm for the winter and provides traction for the ice and snow. Of course us Utah guys with a foot fetish in Utah wished sandal season lasted year round but we have to realize that women cannot wear sandals in the winter and we wouldn’t want women to suffer from frostbite in order to show off their beautiful feet. During the winter we long for once again when Sandal Season returns. The mountains have a nice blanket of snow but since it has been warmer than normal a lot of the snow is melting. We are getting unusual rain in the valleys since we are having unseasonable warm temperatures. On some days it has reached the 50s and if it weren’t for the chilly winds, women could wear sandals.

   I had planned to release this blog entry just before Christmas thinking what better way to celebrate Christmas and the official start of winter 2014 than to include Ella? Time has gone by so fast and it is hard to believe that we first met in December of 2012! Ella is a great model and I’m glad I have met her. She has a lot of experience in the foot fetish world as well as being a foot model. When I go to Salt Lake City in December, it isn’t for the Christmas lights on Temple Square. It is to see Ella! Sure I visit Temple Square to see their Christmas lights on occasions but nothing beats the chance to see Ella. If I wanted to see lights I can always visit Ogden’s traditional Christmas Village that even my relatives from Salt Lake City have wanted to visit. One of my relatives told me that the last time she visited Ogden’s Christmas Village was over 40 years ago when she was 8 years old! If you find yourself in the Ogden area during the Christmas season I would recommend that you visit Ogden’s Christmas Village. In addition you may want to visit Roy City (Sorry I don’t have a link to Roy’s decorations) who has over 1 million lights in their display and Willard Bay. I’m sure that every city along the Wasatch front and throughout Utah has their own decorations. I’m interested in Southern Utah or what is often called “Utah’s Dixie” since unlike Northern Utah, cities like Saint George is warmer and even have a year round sandal season. Years ago I went to San Francisco during the Christmas and New Years celebrations and enjoyed the warmer weather. I even saw women wearing sandals and flip flops! It may be cold in San Francisco to locals but not as cold as Northern Utah even though San Francisco is as far north as Ogden and Salt Lake City. With the nearby snow capped mountains, it would still be too cold to wear sandals in northern Utah since the air is chilly from the surrounding mountains.

   I told Ella to bring some nail polish that would be a festive Christmas color. She had her nails painted silver and I added some gold polish with glitter that really brought out the festive look in her feet. She also brought a pair of fishnet and nylons. She also suggest I go to the City Creek Mall and buy a "bath bomb" from Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. The bath bomb worked great as we placed it in the tub and a whole rainbow of colors was created from the soap. It makes a great foot soak! The silver nail polish was already a great holiday color but adding the glitter and gold overcoat made her toenails look even more festive for the Christmas and Winter season. Of course I intended to have this blog published before Christmas but my pre and post Christmas has been quite busy for me with holiday shopping and other Christmas related activities. I decided to include a few more photos than I normally do since there were so many great poses and we had our first session this month 2 years ago. It’s always great to have a session with Ella and this session was no exception. The Bath Bomb was a great idea and after the foot soak I applied some soul scrub powder that I also brought at Lushes to scrub her soles. Of course I also applied the glitter and gold overcoat. I took photos of her feet before the overcoat and after. With the gold sparkles, her toenails looked more festive than Christmas lights. I brought along some candy canes but couldn’t think of anything else with a Christmas theme. She also brought some fishnets and nylons that made for a great session making it hard to pick between all the pictures what would be included in this blog. Don’t get me wrong. I have met some great women this year who I’ve done sessions with. A lot of them are non-photo sessions or sessions where they allowed me to take photos for personal use and not share with anyone else.

   Time goes by fast when you are having fun and it’s hard to believe it’s been two years! Of course at one of the hotels we meet for sessions I am recognized by the staff when I visit. For example I ate at their on site restaurant and the waiter mentioned he recognized me but can’t think of where. Shortly after he asked me if I’ve stayed at this hotel before and mentioned that this must be where he recognized me. The last time I went to this restaurant was ironically the first time I rented a room at this hotel for a session with Ella. I hope the staff at this hotel and other hotels don’t suspect that there is illegal activity since I’m sure some staff have noticed a woman coming to my hotel room and leaving an hour or two later. Sometimes people can get suspicious such as the one summer day that me and Ella had a session and were taking photos at the Gallivan Center Plaza and a security guard kept walking over to us. After a session in Ogden city this past summer, I had a police officer following me who immediately made a U-Turn as soon as I drove past the city limits. I don’t know how a law enforcement officer would respond if I told him/her that was just giving some woman a foot rub.

   Of course finding women who will let me pamper their feet has been a little harder in 2014. Women find it a little strange that I would want to take photos of their feet or give then a foot rub. I can understand a lot of women since they may feel apprehensive about their feet but some have questioned why I would be interested in their feet. In a way I think I would be more successful asking for models who are willing to model nude or wearing a bikini even though this is showing a lot more skin than their feet. I’ve had some women ask me to give them back rubs or massage areas such as their legs and I enjoy massaging other areas too but focus on feet. It’s hard to explain to someone why I like rubbing womens feet and know that a lot of women find it creepy that someone would find their feet attractive. Of course I do like what everyday guys like to see in a woman but I also like a womans feet. A nude woman or woman wearing a bikini attracts my attention just like it would every other guy who is into women but a barefoot woman or a woman wearing sexy sandals also attracts my attention. Wouldn’t it be just as creepy to attracted to legs? An overwhelming majority of guys who are into women love legs and would love to rub a womans legs. Of course if someone offered to shave their legs they may be feel uncomfortable like women who find me offering to paint their toenails or softening the soles of their feet. A lot of women initially think it is great that someone is offering to pamper or massage their feet since they are the most neglected part of their body. After all they handle their body and ache if you work in a job where you are constantly on your feet. This is especially true since women wear footwear that isn’t comfortable to look stylish. Some have been interested because they cannot get their boyfriend or husband to give them a foot rub or wished their husband or boyfriend would pay attention to their feet and pamper their feet. It’s more relaxing having someone else paint your toenails since you don’t have to bend over to paint them and can comfortably lay down. I’ve had a lot of women tell me that I am about the only person who can pamper their feet. They have told me that they never go to a salon because the nail technician or person scrubbing their soles keeps tickling their feet but they feel relaxed and nearly fall asleep as I am painted their toenails, massaged, or pampered their feet. I really appreciate these compliments and love to hear women tell me that they felt relaxed since I want their experience to be a great experience for them as much as it is for me.

   I want to thank Ella for allowing me to have another session with her and for allowing me to share photos of her feet on this blog. I also appreciate Ella for her willingness to do sessions with me for 2 years. Ella has some great feet and is great to do sessions with. I also want to thank all the women who have allowed me to do sessions with them in 2014 as well as any women I’ve met in the past. I appreciate all the women I do sessions with and have some who do not wish to allow photos to be taken or have photos shared. It’s always a pleasure to meet women and pamper their feet! If you are a woman who is interested in modeling, a foot massage, or having your feet pampered please email me and I would be happy to talk to you and arrange a session with you and you are under no obligation to have photos taken and if you allow me to take photos, I won’t share any photos without your permission. If you want the photos kept private, they will be kept private. I also respect your privacy when it comes to holding sessions and will keep details of our session confidential unless you would like me to share these details. Hopefully Sandal Season 2014 was great for all the foot fetish fans out there and any women reading this blog. It may be winter but Spring is just around the corner! Sandal Season 2015 will be here soon!

Bonus pictures of Ella

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End of Summer (Sandal season) 2014. Meet new model Kara!

End of Summer (Sandal season) 2014. Meet new model Kara!

   This past two weeks we had our first freeze here in Utah and we had our first snow in the valleys this past week. Ironically weeks before women were wearing their sandals enjoying the last days of summer like weather. Of course I’m a little behind on publishing pictures and still have photos from women who held sessions with me during the summer months when sandal season was in full bloom. Of course I don’t have as many models as I have in the past. In the past I have had many rejections and a good supply of women who would love to model their feet for me. Some were very interested only to decide later that they would rather not model their feet. But some women remained interested and were willing to model their feet and let me take photos and publish them here. I would say most women are very self conscious of their feet and don’t think a guy would find their feet attractive. You don’t need to have supermodel looking feet in order to model for me and when publishing photos on my blog I try to capture the girl next door look. Women’s feet come in all shapes and sizes just like beautiful women come in different shapes and sizes. Some women get professional pedicures while others paint their own toenails or don’t wear nail polish at all. Women also aren’t obligated to have photos taken or published on my blog and I have pampered the feet of women who would rather not have their feet published on this blog. Then of course there are the rejections which in most cases are women who are self-conscious of their feet or feel freaked out that a guy would like a woman’s feet. I thank the women who have allowed me to pamper their feet this year as well as the women who have let me pamper their feet in the past and wish there were more women who aren’t freaked out about having a guy who is into feet give them a foot rub or all out pamper their feet.

   Meet my first new model of the year Kara! On the day of our session when I checked into a local hotel the weather was nice and I overheard the person at the check in booth tell another customer about their pond in the back. I checked out this pond which also had a waterfall stocked with plenty of aquarium fish. It would have been a great place to do this session. It would also be a great place for private outdoor photos since it is the property of the hotel so only hotel guests hang around the pond. It was too deep to wade in and signs specifically state that they don’t want anyone wading in the pond. I doubt you would want to dip you feet into the water since it was a little cloudy and you might get a fish nibbling on your toe. It would provide a great back drop for photos though. Unfortunately when Kara arrived for our session a couple hours later dark clouds rolled in and we had a big rain storm. Even though it might be an interesting shoot in the rain, I decided to hold the session indoors where it is nice and dry plus there were a lot of lightning strikes and it’s never a good idea to be on flat ground such as a body of water during a lightning storm.

   Kara was good at striking up conversations and seemed to love having her feet pampered. She is also ticklish as I quickly found out. Of course I’ve had a lot of experience with all kinds of feet including ticklish feet so I was able to still massage her feet without tickling her. A lot of women have told me that I am about the only person who can massage their feet without tickling them and they often avoid getting pedicures or foot rubs because they are ticklish and it seems that everyone who handles their feet ends up tickling their feet despite their best efforts to avoid tickling their feet. I occasionally tickled her feet for fun but didn’t want to torture her during our session since I wanted this to be a fun session for her just as much as it was for me and I definitely wanted to do more sessions with Kara in the future. Her feet have the “girl next door” look of the beautiful women’s feet you will find next door. She paints her own toenails since it is hard for her to get a pedicure with her ticklish feet. Her soles were a little rough which was fine and I enjoyed using foot scrub to soften her soles. She also has a scar on her left ankle from surgery. Her feet don’t get attention very often and I loved the idea I was giving her feet the attention that all women’s feet should receive. Her feet were already beautiful and I helped make them look even better than they already were and I’m sure she appreciated the attention given to her feet. I ended the session with an application of foot lotion to give her feet a final treat before she ventured out into the rain. I told her about some of the women I have pampered their feet having the lotion on their feet giving them problems walking in sandals or high heels. When I walked her to the door after our session she was starting to slip around in her shoes. If only I can find a way to prevent the slipping from the lotion. Even blotting the foot dry will not completely remove the lotion. About the only thing I can think of is putting on socks after a session but during what I like to call sandal season why would a woman want to wear socks? I’ll have to invent something since the lotion step is an important step and the lotion helps soften the feet long after our session.

   It is the end of summer 2014 or what I like to refer to as Sandal Season 2014. This season has been an unusual one with some women not returning for sessions from last year, some moving away, and as previously mentioned a higher rejection rate than last year. It also has been a controversial season as I had one person who turned out to be a guy ask for a session and when I found out he wasn’t a woman he accused me of being a bigot towards homosexuals and questioned why I would be attracted to a woman’s feet and not a man’s feet when in his opinion there is no difference. I told him that I have a preference for women’s feet and won’t do a session with him and he of course posted comments on this blog after finding out I had a blog through a Google search. Speaking of blog comments, I just recently had a woman post comments saying I need to seek professional help for having a foot fetish. I thank all the people who posted on here defending me from these comments. I’ve found a few women to do sessions with this season but had quite a bit of rejection. Some women would respond saying that it was too good to be true to be receiving a foot massage but after figuring out I had a foot fetish, they decided that in their opinion I was a creep and they will not do a session with me but would have been glad to do one if I didn’t have a foot fetish. I’m not sure if I fully understand why they would be creeped out unless they think I will try something or my foot message is a code word for more than having feet pampered when I emphasize in my ad that no sexual activity will take place and this is only an ad for feet. Some were turned off by the idea that the session will take place in a hotel room or a public park. For safety reasons I don’t offer sessions from my house. I also live with a relative and am trying to hide this fetish from my family. Another concern is if I offer sessions from my home to total strangers that I may end up meeting a stalker and this stalker would know where I live. I’ve thought of renting some kind of studio where I can do these sessions but would probably need some way to make income to support the rent payments for this studio as well as upkeep. If I’m renting a studio and encounter a stalker I could easily move locations in the event things got dangerous. A lot of renters also have surveillance and security that I can alert and even restrict access. If any readers have ideas on a studio option I would like to hear any recommendations you may have. I would just have to find a way to explain buying a studio to my family coming up with a legitimate reason that hides the true use of this studio.

   I’ve also had a lot of women from throughout Utah contact me including a woman close to the Utah-Idaho border. I travel to SLC quite often to meet women and am familiar with Salt Lake City. I would love to visit women statewide but a 120 mile round trip is quite a trip. Of course I don’t drive to unfamiliar areas especially in the winter months and have offered to visit this women (including a friend of hers who is interested) the next time I head her way but by spring or summer she may no longer be interest. Of course she lives close to Bear Lake so we could meet during the summer months at Bear Lake. Even though it is the end of Sandal Season (or summer) I still do sessions with women. It’s just more difficult since I rely more on hotel rooms and I’m sure a lot of women stop getting pedicures during the off-season since there really isn’t a reason to get a pedicure when you won’t be wearing sandals.

   A lot of women ask me what I will do to their feet or ask me if I would be interested in their feet since they feel they have ugly feet or their feet aren’t model quality feet. It is up to you what I do to your feet. I don’t want to do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable. I’d be more than happy to give you a simple foot rub and would be happy to do anything else you like having done to your feet such as painting your toenails, applying foot scrub, giving you a warm foot bath and soak, applying foot scrub to smooth your rough soles, applying lotion, or anything else you can think of. You don’t need model quality feet and I’ve met a lot of women who have average looking feet. Others thought they had ugly feet and were surprised that I found them to be beautiful feet. Women who feel self conscious of their feet often feel much better about their feet after having a session with me. Of course a lot of women are scared off because of the foot fetish thing but if you are comfortable with a guy with a foot fetish pampering your feet you will enjoy a session even if it is a simple foot massage. If you are into the foot fetish scene, I also can worship your feet during a session. I hope that women aren’t too concerned about me having a foot fetish since this is actually a good advantage for them and their feet. I’m very professional and will not do anything to your feet that you feel uncomfortable with and many women have felt comfortable letting me pamper their feet. Some had no idea what a foot fetish was or they were apprehensive at first but after a session, enjoyed having me pamper their feet.

   I really want to thank Kara for allowing me to pamper her ticklish feet and hopefully she enjoyed our session as much as I did. If you are a woman who is interested in a session with me please email me. I am willing to hold a session without any photos being taken and want you to feel comfortable having your feet pampered by me. I also respect your right to privacy and will not give any details about a session I have had with you without your permission. I also will not reveal to anyone if you saw me for a session. Any pictures I take of a session will not be published anywhere without your permission. I have many women who I’ve taken photos of but were never featured in my blog or elsewhere since they didn’t want these photos posted on this blog or elsewhere. I also won’t do anything to your feet that you feel uncomfortable with. Also keep in mind that even though it is no longer the summer months or what I like to call “sandal season”, I am willing to pamper feet year round and do sessions year round! I would like to thank all the women who have allowed me to pamper their feet including the women who have allowed me to feature their feet in this blog. I also want to thank the many women who I currently see and the women I’ve met this past summer for allowing me to pamper their feet.

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